Monday, July 30, 2012

"It's Senseless"

"ST LOUIS, MO — The Major Case Squad is investigating the deaths of a mother and two children in a Glendale home in an apparent murder-suicide today.

"The woman's husband called 911 at 10:57 a.m. to report a murder-suicide at the home on 740 Hawbrook Avenue, said Glendale Police Sgt. Bob Catlett.

"The woman and the couple's two children, ages 11 and 9, were found dead from gunshots, he said. The mother was pronounced dead at the scene. Her son was pronounced dead at St. Louis Children's Hospital and her daughter was pronounced dead at Mercy Hospital.

"Authorities do not believe the woman's husband was involved in the deaths, and he is cooperating with police, Catlett said.

"The man was inside the home when he heard shots, police said.

"`He ... thought it was coming from outside, so he ran to his front door and saw that his wife was laying in the kitchen, his son was laying in a side room and his daughter was in the second story of the home,` Catlett said.

"The Major Case Squad has been activated and the St. Louis County police department's crime scene investigators are assisting.

"Catlett said he was unaware of any previous calls for service at the couple's home.

"At about 2 p.m., yellow crime-scene tape surrounded the two-story red brick structure. An American flag hung from the front door.

"`It's senseless,` Catlett said. `We certainly have avenues to help people with mental health issues.`"

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch...


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