Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Domestic Trouble" Preceded Murder/Suicide

"CRYSTAL FALLS, MI - Deputies from the Iron County Sheriff's Office are investigating an apparent murder/suicide that occurred Tuesday in Hematite Township.

"Iron County Central Dispatch received a report at 3:32 p.m. of a possible homicide at a residence on 248 W. Townline Road, said deputies.

"Deputies said that they found two deceased subjects, a husband and wife, when they arrived at the residence.

"The subjects were identified as 45-year-old Shelly Grengs and 64-year-old Max Grengs, said deputies.

"Preliminary investigation indicated that there was domestic trouble between the couple, deputies reported.

"According to a friend of the family, the couple had five children between the ages of eight to 17. The man also had two older children.

"Deputies continue to investigate the incident.

"The Michigan State Police, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Iron County Victim Advocate Team, Northstar EMS, and Child Protective Services assisted at the scene."

From The Daily News...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Death In The Basement

"Edmonton, Alberta, CA - A medical examiner confirmed Tuesday the deaths of a father and son were the result of a murder-suicide.

"Edmonton police began investigating the deaths of a 39-year-old man and his 11-year-old son after their bodies were discovered in a bungalow on 84th Street and 138th Avenue on Sunday.

"Edmonton officers received a 911 call from the man's common-law wife, once she could not contact her husband inside their home. When officers arrived, Jeff Bostick and his son Jeremy were already dead.

"Police confirmed there are no signs of violence at the bungalow where the deaths took place and say both bodies were found in the same room in the basement.

"The boy was described as having a severe case of autism."

Source: CTV...

4 Shots, 2 Dead

"OCALA, FL - Police officials [said] it appears that a man and a woman are dead in what may have been a murder/suicide.

"They said they believe the man shot the woman, then turned a weapon on himself.

"They presently are interviewing a woman who reportedly witnessed the confrontation and called 911.

"They also are trying to learn about the relationship between the man and the woman, who have not been identified.

"The incident occurred at about 12:15 p.m. today, reportedly at David Supply, Inc., located at 2300 N.E. 8th Road.

"Adam Judy, who works nearby at CMI Direct Marketing, [said] that... he was outside when he heard a gunshot, followed by a woman screaming, `No!`

"He said he heard another shot, followed by the same voice, `yelling and screaming.`

"Judy said he heard a third shot, then a fourth, then silence.

"He said as he was driving past the area on his way to lunch, he saw what appeared to be the body of a man lying in the driveway at the business.

"Police are presently on scene and have cordoned off an area in the 2300 block of Northeast 8th Avenue."


Monday, September 28, 2009

Knife-Wielding Cop Kills Wife, Self

"DEERFIELD, NY - A Utica Police officer stabbed his wife to death, then turned the knife on himself Monday afternoon in an apparent murder-suicide.

"According to State Police, they responded to a 911 call around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon at 10508 Cosby Manor Road in Deerfield. Authorities said a child had discovered the bodies of their parents in their home - both were bleeding from stab wounds.

"A female victim, Kristin Longo, 39, was dead at the scene, while her husband, Joseph Longo Jr., 41, was alive, but severely bleeding. At the scene, Longo admitted to police that he had stabbed his wife multiple times with a household knife and then turned the knife on himself. The knife was recovered at the scene. When asked if, Longo being a police officer, any guns were found at the scene, Coots said no.

"Longo, an active Utica Police Investigator for several years, and a part-time security officer at Proctor High School, was taken from the scene by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Medical Center, where he died of his self-inflicted wounds around 4:30 p.m Monday afternoon.

"The couple were found in what Coots referred to as `a common room` of the Cosby Manor Road [home]. Coots said they were still processing the residence, and so far, no note describing reasons for the actions was found.

"No motive had been identified Monday night.

"`We may never know,` said State Police Captain Francis Coots."


Two Dead In Rural Texas

"FROST, TX - A Frost area couple is dead, the result of what sheriff’s investigators believe is a homicide/suicide.

"Navarro County Sheriff Les Cotten said Scotty Mundie, 48, and his wife, Sheila, 46, were found dead at their home on NWCR 3323 shortly before 1 p.m. Sunday by the couple’s son, Brandon Mundie.

"Cotten said the couple had gone to a grandchild’s birthday party in Kemp on Saturday, where Scotty Mundie had become intoxicated and left the party with his wife to return to Frost. Neighbors told investigators they had heard two gunshots in near the couple’s home about 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

"Brandon Mundie went to his parents’ home Sunday afternoon and discovered his mother’s body laying on a bed. Scotty Mundie’s body was found near the bed, leaning against a wall. Brandon Mundie called sheriff’s deputies after making the discovery, Cotten said.

"Investigators believe that Scotty Mundie shot his wife, then shot himself, the sheriff said."

From The Corsicana Daily Sun...

Son Witnesses Father's Suicide

"BROWNSVILLE, TX - The Cameron County Sheriff’s department is investigating an apparent murder-suicide in Brownsville.

"Investigators said the crime happened around 1 a.m. Sunday at 1046 N. Illinois Rd outside city limits.

"According to Sheriff Omar Lucio, deputies arrived to find 43-year-old Sergio Candelario Llamas and his 38-year-old wife Maria Del Socorro Gonzalez dead.

"Sheriff Lucio said the couple’s son was in the home and heard gunshots coming from his parents' room.

"The son allegedly ran over, where the sheriff said he saw his mother’s body on the floor and then allegedly witnessed Llamas shoot himself in the head.

"At this time investigators have not released a motive, but said Llamas has a history of family violence."


3 Dead After 14 Hour Standoff

"GARLAND, TX - Two men and a woman were found dead inside a north Garland home after a 14-hour standoff Sunday.

"The incident began shortly before midnight Saturday, which was when authorities received a call from a woman concerned about her female friend living at a home in the 5400 block of Wyrick Lane.

"`I heard shouting and stuff like that,` said Zachary McCollin, a young family friend who lives nearby.

Upon arriving at the home, officers said they encountered a man with a shotgun.

"`At the time, we couldn't confirm if anyone else was inside the house except for him,` said Lt. Patrick McCully, Garland Police Department. `He was continuuing to communicate with us, so we kept up our negotiation efforts.`

"After 14 hours of failed negotiations, police moved in with tear gas and flash grenades.

"`They started firing and you could literally hear the sounds,` McCollin said. `It was really loud, and you could see the smoke flying through and hear the windows just shatter.`

"Once inside, officers discovered two dead men and a woman. Neighbors said a married couple, three children and a friend of the wife lived at the home. None of the children were home at the time of the killings.

"`It's weird and crazy,` said Gary Bahr, a neighbor. `I'm just glad none of the police officers got hurt and nobody else in the neighborhood got hurt.`

"The identies of those found dead have not been released. Authorities have also not released the cause of their deaths."


Two Dead In "Pristine Gated Community"

"MIAMI, FL - Police Sunday were investigating a possible murder-suicide that shook a pristine gated community in South Miami-Dade.

"Fabiana Vespa, 21, and her 27-year-old boyfriend were found dead in a home in the 2800 block of Southwest 152nd Court, said Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta. Both died of apparent gunshot wounds.

"Police arrived at the house about 8 a.m. after getting a call about a domestic disturbance. Neighbor Ana Ruiz was inside her home when she heard helicopters circling the community.

"`I looked outside and there was already yellow tape and fire-rescue was leaving with their lights flashing, but silently,` Ruiz said. `It's so sad. They were a good family.`"

From the Sun-Sentinel...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Members Lead Cops To Bodies

"SUNRISE, FL - Three people are dead in what Sunrise police are investigating as a double murder suicide.

"Shortly before 2 a.m. police officers were sent to 8120 NW 21st Street to check out reports of a domestic disturbance. Once at the residence, officers were directed to a back bedroom door by family members, according to police Lt. Brian Gerity.

"The officers repeatedly tried to get those in the room to speak with them with no response. They finally forced the door open and found three bodies inside the room; all had been shot to death.

"Police have not released the names of those who died but would confirm that they found the body of a 35-year-old man, a 32-year-old woman and a 13-year old girl.

"Gerity said the investigation into the murders remains under investigation."


"Too Many Unknowns"

"CASSELBERRY, FL - A 2-year-old is dead and now deputies are trying to figure out why.

"It happened on the 1100 block of Castlewood Terrace in the Castlewood apartments Saturday.

"Casselberry police say they got a call about a 2-year-old not breathing.

"When paramedics arrived, they realized the child had been dead for some time.

"Shortly afterwards, the toddler's mother tried to swallow some pills in what they believe may be a possible suicide attempt.

"Officials are awaiting autopsy results to determine how the child died.

"A police representative says there are too many unknowns to call the death suspicious."


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beware Of Ex-Boyfriends With Shotguns

"QUINCY, WA - A deadly shooting this weekend in Western Washington has left a Quincy family in mourning.

"The shooting happened at a farm located in east Olympia, but the victim, Kay Langford’s sister-in-law says her two sons and ex-husband live in Quincy, along with the sister-in-law.

"Family and friends are surprised to hear about the shooting.

"One woman did her best to stop it.

"Owner of Lattin’s Country Cider Mill Farm, Carolyn Lattin, is still trying to come to grips over the murder of one of her employees, Kay Langford.

"Thursday morning Langford ran into her screaming.

"Lattin says the gunman, later identified as 54 year old Roy Franco was armed with a sawed-off shotgun.

"Lattin threw herself at Franco.

"She says she tried to grab hold of his clothing and his arm to give Langford time to escape but she couldn’t hold him. Franco fired two shots.

"Lattin says she saw Langford falling and knew she was dead when she hit the ground.

"Authorities say Franco was Langford’s ex-boyfriend.

"He walked outside to his Chevy Blazer and shot himself.

"Paramedics flew him to the hospital in critical condition.

"Friends say Franco’s and Langford’s relationship had recently ended.

"She told co workers she did not want to see him again.

"Police say there was no restraining order to keep the gunman from Langford.

"Kay Langford was 43 years old."


Maryland Family Tragedy

"Mount Airy, MD — Four people have been found dead in a house in Mount Airy, Maryland State Police said.

"Spokesman Greg Shipley said troopers found the four, two adults and two children, about 5:30 p.m. today in a single-family home in the 300 block of Contour Road.

"Troopers went there because of a 911 call from a family friend who became concerned after not hearing from them for a few days.

"Shipley said the friend went to the home, looked in the window, saw a body and called police.

"Shipley said the four are believed to be part of one family.

"Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith said he had talked to the investigator in charge, and a shotgun was involved. According to Smith, it appeared to police that the man shot his wife, the two children and the family dog before shooting himself.

"Smith said neighbors told investigators they had seen children playing outside the house only a few hours before the scene was discovered.

"Police on the scene have not confirmed any details.

"According to the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation website, the property is owned by Charles L. and Jennifer A. Dalton. A kitchen construction business is listed at the address, Imagine Millwork. Contact information for that business on its website lists Chuck Dalton.

"Neighbors confirmed the Daltons lived in the house.

"A for sale sign sits outside the home, near to a basketball hoop. A minivan is parked in the drive, a four-wheel-drive Jeep at the curb.

"Neighbor Cindy Krauss said she knew the family and described the Daltons as `nice, quiet, kept to themselves.` Ken Matthews said he had known the Daltons for four or five years, since they moved in.

"`They’re a great family, great kids,` he said.

"Mark Kaplan, also a neighbor, said the evening’s events were devastating, especially in a small town such as Mount Airy .

"`This is a very quiet neighborhood,` he said. `It’s hard to see two children die for no reason.`"


Friday, September 25, 2009

Man Commits Suicide After Accidental Murder

"CORDOBA, Argentina - It all happened in less than 12 hours. A man shot himself in the head after accidentally killing a woman, identified as Mariana Bustamante. She received a shot in the head last night as she was watching TV with her son in Cordoba Capital.

"Today at around 8.10 at the crossroads of Boedo and Rosales, the body of the man shot in the head was lying on the road, a motorcycle and a 9-milimiter gun.

"Corrections officer Silvio Omar Broardo, 40, had been allegedly assaulted by Bustamante’s husband, identified as Nestor Cortez. And to avenge the assault he decided to shoot the assailant’s house. When he found out he had caused the woman’s death he decided to take his own life.

"`Two men driving a motorcycle drove past and one of them shot the house’s front. The shots went through the metal door and one of them went into the girl’s head,` said police officer Luis Gonzalez.

"Around 21 yesterday, young Bustamante was watching TV with her son of 4 when the shooting began. The child was unharmed.

"While Bustamante was fighting for her life at the Emergency Hospital of Cordoba, Broardo was killing himself with a shot in Boedo and Rosales, 800 metres from the scene.

"Before shooting himself Broardo texted his wife apologizing for what he was about to do. And also apologizing to Bustamante’s relatives for her death. `I didn’t mean to kill anybody` read the text message."


Another Delayed Suicide

"LINDEN, NJ - Union County authorities say a man wanted for questioning in a shooting in Elizabeth fatally shot himself when a police officer approached him on a street in Linden.

"Authorities say Linden Police Officer Angel Padilla was in his patrol car Friday morning when he saw a pedestrian who fit the description of 39-year-old Samuel Diaz.

"When Padilla made a U-turn to get a closer look, Diaz pulled out a handgun and shot himself. He was pronounced dead at University Hospital in Newark shortly after 9 a.m.

"Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow said Diaz was considered a suspect in the Thursday night shooting of a 35-year-old Elizabeth man. The victim, whose name has not been released, was in critical condition Friday at University Hospital."


SWAT Persuades Man To Finish What He Started

"TUSCON, AZ - A 48-year-old man committed suicide inside his Three Points home Thursday night, shortly after admitting to police he’d killed a Tucson man last week, authorities said.

"James Becker died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, said Sgt. Fabian Pacheco, a Tucson Police Department spokesman.

"Pacheco said Becker had been considered a person of interest in the slaying of 47-year-old Gary Wern, who was found dead inside his midtown home on Sept. 18.

"Tucson homicide detectives and deputies with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department had gone to Becker’s home in the 12900 block of West Highridge Drive, southwest of Tucson, around 5 p.m. Thursday to talk with Becker about Wern’s death, Pacheco said.

"Becker’s home, a double-wide trailer, was surrounded by a fence-in yard that contained about 12 dogs, Pacheco said. Authorities attempted to get Becker to come out to speak with them, then eventually got through to him on the phone. That’s when Becker admitted to a Tucson detective that he had killed Wern, Pacheco said.

"Becker told the detective he had gone to Wern’s home in the to confront him about his belief that Wern was having an affair with Becker’s wife, Pacheco said. Wern’s body was found Sept. 18 , in his home in the 2900 block of East Malvern Street. Police said Wern was shot to death.

"After admitting to Wren’s slaying, Becker also made suicidal statements. He then barricaded himself inside his home and refused to correspond with police, Pacheco said.

"SWAT and hostage response officers were called in, and when officers entered the home around 11:25 p.m. they found Becker dead."


Argument Leads To Murder/Suicide

"TUSCON, AZ - A man and his wife were found dead in their northwest-side home Thursday night after an apparent murder-suicide, authorities said.

"Margaret Ann McCormick, 49, and Gary Joseph McCormick, 57, were found dead from gunshot wounds at a home in the 5500 block of North Cumberland Drive, said Deputy Dawn Barkman, a Pima County sheriff's spokeswoman.

"Deputies went to the home, near North La CaƱada Drive and West River Road, just before 9 p.m. on a report of a shooting, Barkman said.

"She said it appears Gary McCormick shot his wife during an argument before killing himself. The couple's adult daughter ran from the home and called 911."


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Deputies Witness Suicide

"BURNSVILLE, NC — A Yancey County man fatally shot himself in the head in front of deputies after killing his neighbor and seriously wounding his estranged wife at a home off Bearwallow Road late Wednesday.

"Yancey sheriff deputies responded to 286 Bearwallow Road around 9:35 p.m. Wednesday after a 911 call from a woman who said she had been shot.

"Deputies found Thomas Marion Griffith 52, lying in the driveway leading to a garage near his house. Griffith was dead from gunshot wounds to his head and upper torso, according to Lt. Thomas Farmer of the Yancey County Sheriff’s Department.

"In the woods, officers found Richard Lee Buchanan, 61, armed with several handguns. `They begged him to drop the weapons,` Farmer said. But Buchanan refused and instead raised a gun to his head and shot himself in front of the deputies.

"Buchanan was flown to Memorial Mission Hospital where died at 4:10 a.m. today.

"Other officers made their way to Griffin’s home where they found Monalisa Phillips 37, suffering from at least two gunshot wounds to her chest area. Also inside the house was her 7 year old son who was not harmed during the incident.

"Phillips and her son had barricaded themselves in the bathroom when several shots were fired into the house, Farmer said.

"Phillips had been married to Buchanan for 18 months, but had recently separated, moving out of the house at 145 Bearwallow Road. She taken out a restraining order on Buchanan on Aug. 31, Farmer said."


Another 90+ Year Old Shooter

"LAS VEGAS, NV - An elderly woman is dead and her husband is hospitalized with a gunshot wound after an apparent murder suicide.

"Metro was called to the home on 10th Street near St. Louis and Maryland Pkwy. around 7 a.m. after the couple's daughter found the two both shot and in their bed. Police say there was no sign of forced entry and a gun was found at the scene. The woman was 80-years-old and the man is 91-years-old.

"Neighbors [said] that the elderly man had been dealing with a serious medical issue recently. There is no word on his condition."


Another Grim Welfare Check

"DALLAS, TX - University Park police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide this morning.

"The bodies of Roscoe Halcomb, 66, and Mary Halcomb, 59, were discovered Wednesday evening after a relative had not heard from the couple in a few days and went to check on them, police said.

"Their bodies were discovered in a home in the 4000 block of Purdue Street about 10 p.m. Both suffered gunshot wounds, police said.

"Neighbor Mikee Smythe said she had dog sat for the Halcombs and that the couple had brought her a pie when she and her family first moved into the neighborhood two years ago.

"Smythe said Roscoe Halcomb went by the name `Spud` and that he dealt in antiquities and traveled frequently. She said Mary Halcomb worked in the jewelry business.

"Smythe said she heard Roscoe Halcomb last night and that her young daughter later saw flashing lights outside their home as police and medical crews arrived."

Source: The Dallas Morning News...

"Burned Beyond Recognition"

"Berlin, Germany - A mother and her three children were found dead in a burned-out car near Berlin early Thursday in what appeared to be a case of murder-suicide, police said. Investigators found a petrol cannister in the vehicle, which was parked on an isolated road near Schoenefeld airport on the outskirts of Berlin, a police spokesman said.

"The woman's husband told police that his wife had left a message on the family's answering machine, indicating that she was going to take her own life.

"The husband, 48, reported his wife missing on Wednesday evening.

"Witnesses alerted the fire brigade to a burning car at around 2:30 am. When they arrived on they found the 48-year-old mother and her children aged six to 11 burned beyond recognition."

From Earth Times...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Couple Found Dead In Trailer Likely Murder/Suicide

"HIGH FALLS, GA - Two people were found dead in a Monroe County home Wednesday, and investigators say it may be a murder suicide.

"The Monroe sheriff's office says it happened it happened in a trailer on Towaliga Lake Drive in High Falls.

"They say a friend stopped by around 1 p.m. Wednesday, found a woman's body in the kitchen, and a man's body in another room.

"The sheriff's department says they may have been dead for some time.

"They've been sent to the GBI crime lab for autopsies and positive identification. That's expected to take several days.

"While the deaths appear to be a murder-suicide, the sheriff's department will wait for test results before deciding."


Recently Separated Couple Found Dead

"Gretna, LA - A woman is dead after her husband shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said.

"Police were called to the 500 block of Wall Boulevard around 8 a.m. on Tuesday to investigate a possible double shooting.

"Deputies discovered a 38-year-old woman lying near the breezeway suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. A short distance away, deputies found a 42-year-old man also with a gunshot wound to the head. The man and the woman were pronounced dead on the scene.

"Detectives determined that the man shot the woman and then turned the gun on himself. A 9mm handgun was found near the man’s body, Normand said.

"Deputies say the suspect and victim were married, but recently separated. The suspect had recently been served with a protective custody order, Normand said.

"The identities of the man and woman are being withheld until next of kin has been notified."

From FOX 8...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Library Closes After Murder/Suicide Of Detroit Cops

"CANTON TOWNSHIP, MI - Two Detroit police officers died Tuesday in what is being called a murder-suicide.

"Canton police said witnesses reported seeing a man shoot a woman, and then himself, just after 9 a.m. in the parking lot that is shared by the Canton Public Library and Canton Police Department.

"Detroit police homicide detective Edward Williams II, 36, and his Detroit police officer wife, Patricia, 33, have been identified as the victims.

"Police said there is domestic abuse in the couple's history and that Williams' wife called in a complaint about him earlier in the week.

"Sources said Williams’ wife called police Tuesday morning to say the two were meeting at the police department. They arrived in different cars.

"Witnesses said the two got into an argument and that Williams shot his wife several times in the lot before shooting himself.

"Patricia Williams was pronounced dead at an area hospital immediately following the shooting. Edward Williams had been on life support for most of the day but police confirmed his death late in the afternoon.

"The couple lived in Canton and were caretakers for Patricia Williams’ young child from a previous marriage to a Westland police officer.

"The Canton Public Library is closed for day."


SWAT Team Arrives In Time To Pick Up Bodies

"MALAGA, CA - Two men are reported dead, after shots were fired Tuesday morning inside a Malaga business.

"According to Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, a gunman opened fire inside the Fresno Equipment Company off of Chestnut and Highway 99 in Malaga around 9 a.m.

"Mims says she believes the gunman, a 10-year employee of the business, identified as Jim Badashian, had an intended target.

"`He approached the victim, and shot him with a shotgun, then fired several more rounds into equipment before turning the weapon on himself,` said Mims.

"Mim says at this point she doesn't know why the deceased employee was targeted or what the relationship was between the two.

"Around 10 employees were inside the business at the time of the shooting. Some of the employees were able to escape the gunfire by hiding in a vault inside the building, others were seen running from the building, climbing fences.

"Sheriff's Deputies, along with the SWAT team and crisis negotiators were all called to the scene, and quickly took action. `Deputy sheriff's realized they had an active shooter, so they went into the building to confront the shooter and save lives,` said Mims."


Bad Smell Reveals Murder/Suicide

"OSHAKATI, Namibia – The community of Ondongwadhiya village in Omusati Region was shocked last week when they discovered the dead bodies of a heavily-pregnant 17-year-old girl and her 31-year-old boyfriend.

"It is believed that the boyfriend murdered his girlfriend before taking his own life.

"Indications were that Titus Shaanika axed to death Loide Abner who was seven months pregnant with their first child. It is however not known what could have led to the crime and suspected suicide as the two were last seen at the local cuca-shops and seemed happy together.

"Relatives did not see Shaanika and Titus until four days later, when people became suspicious because of a bad smell that was coming from the couple’s house.

"The smell allegedly led some members of the community to the bedroom where two dead and spoiled bodies were found.

"According to the Omusati police regional spokesperson Hesekiel Hamalwa, police were called to the house.

"`When the neighbours got to that homestead, the girl was lying dead on the floor of their bedroom and the man was also dead, hanging from the roof of the bedroom,` said Hamalwa.

"Hamalwa said it is suspected that Shaanika had killed his girlfriend with an axe before hanging himself with a wire.

"`She had several wounds all over her body, and next to her was an axe that was smeared with blood on the blade,` said Hamalwa.

"The exact date on which the incident took place is not known – but police suspect that the incident took place on Sunday, September 13, 2009, the day when they were last seen together at the cuca-shops. Their bodies were only discovered on Thursday, September 17.

"The minor girl and the man, who is believed to have taken her life, have been living together for the past two years."

From NEW ERA...

House Fire Was Murder/Suicide

"MAINE TOWNSHIP, IL - A house fire that took the lives of a Maine Township couple last week was ruled a murder-suicide, investigators reported Monday.

"Lisa Gordon, spokeswoman for the Cook County Sheriff's Department, said investigators, citing physical evidence and interviews with family members, believe Aleykutty Yohannan, 65, intentionally started the fire that killed her and her husband, 69-year-old Philipose Yohannan, inside their suburban duplex Sept. 14 on the at 9300 block of Home.

"Gordon said gas had been poured in the first-floor dining room, which had been converted into the couple's bedroom. A gas can, which family members said was normally stored inside the garage, was found inside the kitchen, Gordon said.

"The couple's daughter-in-law had been asleep upstairs at the time of the fire and woke up when she smelled smoke, Gordon said. She was able to exit the house and was not injured."

From the Chicago Sun-Times...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Bodies Found During Welfare Check

"OAK CREEK, AZ - A possible murder-suicide involving the soccer coach at Sedona Red Rock High School is under investigation by the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office.

"On Sunday, Sept. 20, at approximately 11:30 a.m., YCSO deputies responded to a reported welfare check request at a home in the 100 block of Arrowhead Drive, Village of Oak Creek. During a check of the home, deputies found two deceased persons later identified as 31-year-old Lisa Grondin and her husband, 32-year-old Jared Grondin.

"An initial investigation by YCSO detectives from the Criminal Investigations section has determined that Lisa's death was caused by her husband Jared, who later killed himself.

"Jared's apparent suicide occurred by use of a firearm.

"The exact cause of Lisa's death is currently under investigation and pending results of an autopsy scheduled later this week. Detectives have determined that no other persons were inside the home when the events took place.

"Jared coached soccer for Sedona Red Rock High School."


90 Year Old Man Attempts Murder/Suicide

"LAGUNA WOODS, CA – A 90-year-old man survived a gunshot wound to the head, authorities said, after shooting his infirm wife and then turning the gun on himself in an apparent attempt at a murder-suicide.

"Investigators believe James Fish shot his bedridden wife in the head and then attempted to kill himself Sunday afternoon, but the elderly man was taken to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and is expected to survive. If so, authorities with the Orange County Sheriff's Department will likely book Fish on suspicion of murder, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the department.

"Deputies were called to the 5000 block of Cantante at about 1:30 p.m., Amormino said, when a caretaker at the Fish residence heard a gunshot in the home.

"Authorities found Phyllis Fish, 88, fatally shot in the head, Amormino said. Her husband, James Fish, appeared to have shot himself in the temple but was alive when deputies arrived.

"Deputies found no suicide note at the home, but suspect James Fish may have decided to shoot himself and his wife because she was sick, Amormino said.

"`She was under hospice care,` Amormino said. `That's what we think is the motive.`

"Paramedics took James Fish to Mission Hospital to be treated. Since then, Amormino said, he has spoken and tried to move.

"If charged, he could be the oldest Orange County resident to be charged with murder. `She was under hospice care and suffering, however, that's not a legal excuse,` he said."


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Philly Visitors Decide To Stay

"CAMDEN, NJ - The shooting deaths of two Philadelphia residents found inside a Camden home have been ruled a murder-suicide.

"Camden County Prosecutor Warren W. Faulk said 39-year-old Samuel Bey shot 25-year-old Takesha Pointer several times in an upstairs bedroom in his cousin's Liberty Street home Saturday afternoon, then shot himself. The murder-suicide determination was made Sunday, shortly after the county medical examiner completed autopsies on the pair.

"Bey had been staying at the home and Pointer went there to visit him, Faulk said, adding that a motive for the shootings remains under investigation.

"Faulk said Bey's cousin found the bodies around 1:30 p.m., a short time after the shootings apparently occurred."


Mommie Dearest

"MESA, AZ - A mother killed her two teenage children and herself Saturday in Mesa.

"According to Mesa police spokesman detective Steve Berry, police responded to the scene in the 2500 block of South Pennington near Dobson and Guadalupe roads at 11:37 p.m.

"Berry said the woman’s husband came home from work and discovered the bodies.

"Berry said the couple had been having marriage problems.

"The names and ages of the victims are being withheld temporarily, Berry said."

From the East Valley Tribune...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Quiet, Respectful" Boy Snaps

"CORAL SPRINGS, FL - A 12-year-old boy chased and stabbed a neighbor, 13, in the back with a kitchen knife, then stabbed himself in the stomach with another knife Friday afternoon, police said.

"`I want to die, I want to die,` the 12-year-old told paramedics, according to police.

"Both were taken to Broward General Medical Center where they remained Friday evening. The 13-year-old was listed in critical condition and had surgery to remove the knife from his back. The child accused of stabbing him was in stable condition, authorities said.

"Though police are investigating what led to the attack, witnesses told officers that the 12-year-old was tired of being called names at school. The boys are students at Ramblewood Middle School.

"`It seems the altercation was a result of disputes the two had been having in school for the last week,` said Sgt. Joe McHugh, a Coral Springs police spokesman. `We've been told the 12-year-old was not happy with some name calling done by the victim and another child.`

"The attack happened at about 4:30 p.m. in the 10000 block of Northwest 17th Street, soon after the boys returned home from school, police said.

"Waving two knives, the 12-year-old chased his neighbor down 17th Street, then plunged one of the knives into the child's upper back, McHugh said. He tried to kill himself with the other knife immediately after, police said.

"The 12-year-old could face felony charges, pending a police investigation.

"`It's horrible to hear news like this, especially when kids that young are involved,` said Rebecca Matthews, a neighbor. She doesn't know the suspect, but said the 13-year-old victim often fishes in the pond behind her house.

"`He's back there a lot, usually by himself,` she said. `He's a pretty quiet boy, very respectful.`"


Shotgun Stalker Opens Fire On Two

"LEECHBURG, PA - A gunman waited for his victims to return home to open fire and ultimately take his own life, police said.

"Police said a man waited for his ex-girlfriend to return with her current boyfriend to her home on First Street in Leechburg, Armstrong County at about 12:30 a.m. When they arrived, the man opened fire with a shotgun, killing the woman.

"The woman's boyfriend was taken to Allegheny General Hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. His condition was not known.

"The shooter shot and killed himself. No identities were immediately released."


Homicide Squad Rushes To Scene Down Under

"MORWELL, Australia - Two people have been found dead in a regional Victorian town in what is believed to be a murder-suicide.

"A 25-year-old woman was found dead by police at an address in Ash Street, Morwell, in the Latrobe Valley, about 4.40pm (AEST) today.

"A man was found dead at a nearby address a short time later. His death is not suspicious, police said.

"Homicide squad detectives from Melbourne are on their way to the scene, about 150km east of the capital."

From The Australian...

School Cancelled

"ST. LOUIS, MO - Police are investigating what they believe to be a murder-suicide in south St. Louis.

"It happened shortly after 8:00 a.m. on Friday outside a home at Ewing and Park.

"Homicide investigators have determined that the shooting was a domestic situation.

"Authorities [said] that Melissa Amerson, 26, was in a van when she shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend. The man apparently then shot and killed himself.

"Amerson had her four kids in the van, three of whom were also the suspect's kids, when she was shot and killed. They include 4-year old twins, and a 6 and 10 year old. All are physically okay and have been taken in by other family members.

"Neighbors say Amerson was likely taking her kids to school.

"Police say they found a handgun in the backyard near the man suspected of committing this act.

"Friends say a history of domestic violence between the man and Amerson led her to get a restraining order against the deceased suspect.

"The suspect's name has not been released."


Friday, September 18, 2009

Couple Had Argued "All Night Long"

"Little Rock, AR - Little Rock Police say a couple's apparent argument ended tragically in gunfire this morning inside their apartment on a quiet city street.

"Officers were called to 1807 Sanford Drive (just west of Reservoir Road) shortly after nine o'clock.

"That's where they found Kenneth Smith, Jr., 28, shot to death from an apparent self-inflicted wound. His girlfriend, Marquitte Slatter, 25, was also shot but her wounds were minor.

"According to the police report, Smith's father told officers that his son and Slatter had argued all night long and had been talking in their bedroom when he left.

"He returned a short time later and found both shot."


Brothers To The End

"DETROIT, MI - Investigators may never know what led a man to shoot his brother then kill himself on Detroit's east side Thursday evening.

"A man hired to do repair work at the brothers' home in the 5000 block of 3 Mile Drive found the two men at 6:50 p.m., dead from gunshot wounds, according to the Detroit Police. One brother, who was in his 40s, shot the other brother in the face then apparently shot himself, according to the investigation."


Park & Die

"NEWTON GROVE, NC — A man and woman from Clinton died in an apparent murder-suicide Thursday night, Newton Grove Police Chief Frankie Harrell said.

"Daniel Bradley Drayton, 22, and Tammy Pickett, 20, were found dead inside a car parked in a lot outside a business at 206 Fayetteville St.

"Harrell said it appeared that they pulled off the side of the road at a random point, then Drayton shot Pickett and himself.

"Authorities have not commented on the relationship between the two."


Wife Dead For Two Years

"LAS VEGSA, NV - Las Vegas police discovered the valley’s fourth murder-suicide or attempted suicide in 12 days Thursday afternoon when they walked into the home of a recently deceased husband and a wife who had been dead for possibly two years.

"The man had written a letter to the department’s records section, where an employee received it Thursday. The letter claimed he had killed his wife two years ago and that he was going to kill himself, Lt. Lew Roberts said.

"Shortly before 2 p.m., officers went to the home at 1516 Willowbark Court, near Charleston Boulevard and Fort Apache Road, and found the home locked.

"A locksmith opened the door, and police found the man dead from a gunshot wound to the head in the back bedroom.

"The man’s wife was found in another room of the house.

"Roberts said he didn’t know if she had been deceased for two years.

"`She had been dead a while,` he said.

"The names of the two people have not been released."


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pending Divorce Settlement Cancelled

"Simpsonville, SC - A Greenville County Coroner identified the husband and wife who were both found shot to death in Simpsonville this morning and have classified the deaths as a murder-suicide.

"Beverly Ann Thompson, 58, 201 State 14, Simpsonville was found unresponsive when Greenville County Sheriff’s deputies arrived after a call at about 8 a.m., said Dep. Coroner Mike Ellis.

"She died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and chest and was found lying in the driveway of her home near her car, Ellis said. He estimated her time of death to be 7:50 a.m. and said it was classified a homicide.

"When deputies arrived on scene they found the body of Ralph Thompson, 66, 108 Tracy Lane, Simpsonville in an empty field across from the residence, Ellis said. Thompson had died from a single gunshot wound to the head and his death was being treated as a suicide, Ellis said.

"Ellis said the husband and wife were going through a pending divorce settlement and had one daughter together.

"Sheriff’s Lt. Shea Smith said the sheriff’s office had responded to the incident location before `concerning disagreements,` though he didn’t know how many times the sheriff’s office had been called to the residence.

"The incident was still under investigation and would be treated as a homicide investigation, he said.

"Authorities are still trying to piece together what led up to the deaths and planned to interview family today, Smith said.

"`We still don’t know exactly why it happened,` Smith said."


Witnesses Mind Their Own Business

"DALLAS, TX - A man, 23, and woman, 20, were found dead this morning after an apparent murder-suicide at a home in the 11600 block of Audelia Road, Dallas police say.

"Witnesses heard two gun shots last night just after midnight but did not call authorities, police say. During the night and earlier this morning, several neighbors complained of a strong smell of gasoline and fire-rescue workers came to the scene but could not find the source of the odor.

"Eventually, a maintenance man realized the smell was coming from an apartment, and the couple was found there. Police say it appears the man shot his wife, then doused the apartment with gasoline and shot himself."


No Suspects Sought

"THOUSAND OAKS, CA — Ventura County officials say they're trying to determine whether the stabbing deaths of a father and his two children at a Thousand Oaks apartment may have been a murder-suicide.

"Sheriff's Capt. Frank O'Hanlon says a woman found the bodies of her ex-husband, 12-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter when she went to pick up the children from their father's home Wednesday evening.

"The names of the victims weren't released.

"Autopsies were planned Thursday.

"O'Hanlon says detectives are still investigating the deaths but one possibility is that the 52-year-old father killed the children and then himself. He also says there are no suspects being sought.

"O'Hanlon says the couple recently divorced and shared child custody."

Source: Mercury News...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kids Safe After Day Care Drama

"LAKE STEVENS, WA - Police say a murder-suicide was carried out right in front of a Snohomish County in-home day care Wednesday afternoon.

"The shooting happened in a cul-de-sac in the 300 block of 119th Drive Southeast. At about 1:30 p.m., deputies say someone in the neighborhood called 911 to report an argument between a man and a woman.

"Just as a responding deputy rounded the corner, the shots went off.

"When the deputy pulled up in front of the home, she found a man and a woman dead.

"Detectives believe the man was the shooter and that the woman lived in a nearby home.

"None of the kids at the day care were hurt. An aid car drove them from the day care to their waiting parents.

"`I'm just glad they're OK. They're safe. Nothing happened to them and I'm glad they're both in my hands now,` said parent Junior Villalobos."


"Sketchy Details"

"PALM COAST, FL – Flagler County sheriff’s deputies are investigating a possible murder-suicide this morning on Reybell Lane.

"Sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Johnson said details are sketchy, but at about 7:30 a.m. deputies received a report that a man shot a woman in a residence on the street.

"`He then walked into the woods and shot himself,` she said. `We have two people dead.`

"Johnson had no information about the identities of the victims or what sparked the incident."


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three Found Dead In South African Hotel

"Kempton Park, South Africa - The bodies of a 41-year-old father and his daughter, 2, and son, 3, were found in a room at the OR Tambo International Garden Court hotel yesterday.

"Provincial police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Noxolo Kweza said this morning that police are investigating a suspected double murder and suicide case.

"She said evidence at the scene suggested that Ashwin Moodley shot his daughter Tamesha and son Nikel before turning the gun on himself "at some unknown stage" after they had booked in on Saturday.

"The three were found with bullet wounds to the head.

"It is understood that the mother of the children had approached Jeppe police for assistance about three months ago to report intimidation against her husband."

Source: Cape Times...

Monday, September 14, 2009

No Signs Of Forced Entry

"LAS VEGAS, NV - Metro police said they are investigating a possible murder-suicide.

"They said a Las Vegas Valley housekeeper called them when she found two people dead in a home in the 1200 block of Sun Village Avenue near East Cactus Avenue and South Maryland Parkway Monday afternoon.

"Police said they received a call at about 1 p.m. from a housekeeper who walked in to find a couple dead inside.

"When police arrived, they said they found no signs of forced entry.

"A woman was found dead on a sofa, and a man was found dead upstairs, police said.

"Police said there does not appear to have been a struggle between the two.

"Police have not said whether the couple knew each other, but some neighbors said they were a young couple engaged to be married.

"Police said the bodies were in the home for some time.

"`There doesn’t seem to be any indication that there was forced entry or anybody else was involved. So, we’re handling this as a murder-suicide. Once we continue, we’ll find out if anybody else is a suspect or not,` said Sgt. William Scott."

From FOX5 Las Vegas...

Tragic Mother/Daughter Murder/Suicide

"OAKLAND, CA — A 64-year-old woman fatally shot her handicapped daughter at an East Oakland skilled nursing facility Sunday night then killed herself with the same gun, police said.

"The shootings happened about 10:18 p.m. Sunday at the Oakland Springs Health Center, 1833 10th Ave., where Yvette Harden, whose 44th birthday would have been Sept. 20, had been living since 2003.

"Police said her mother, Diana Marie Harden, believed to be a Livermore resident, left no note explaining her motive for killing her daughter and taking her own life.
Sgt. Jim Rullamas said early today that police have found `no signs this was going to happen. `

"`It's a sad, tragic way for two lives to end,` Rullamas said.

"Rullamas said police were told Yvette Harden suffered serious brain damage in a car accident in 1994 that also left her partially paralyzed and required her to use a wheelchair.

"He said Diana Harden visited her daughter at least twice a week in her single room, where the walls were adorned with family pictures.

"Rullamas said Diana Harden called staff Sunday night to say she was coming to visit but gave no indication of what she planned to do. There are apparently no set visiting hours at the facility for relatives, police said.

"Rullamas said Diana Harden brought a revolver into her daughter's room inside a handbag.

"Within a few minutes of arriving, she shot her daughter twice — at least once in the head — while she lay in her bed then shot herself once in the head, police said. Police were not sure if Yvette Harden was awake when she was shot.

"Staff members rushed to the room upon hearing the gunshots. Both women were pronounced dead at the scene."

From Mercury News...

Relatives Phone It In

"DENVER, CO - Denver police are investigating what is being described as a murder-suicide Sunday night in Montbello.

"The couple, who have not been named, were found inside an apartment at 4762 Peoria St. about 8 p.m., said police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

"`Relatives reported it as a murder-suicide, and at this point that's what it appears to be,` Jackson said. `We're just beginning the investigation.`"


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Medical Issues Cited In Upstate NY Murder/Suicide

"NEWBURGH, NY – An elderly couple were found dead in their townhouse, this morning, the apparent victims of a murder-suicide.

"Police responded to a call of gunshots, about 8:20 this morning, at 29 Westbrook Road, in a townhouse off Route 17K. Officers found the bodies of Richard Benson, 74, and his wife, Florence, 75. Both were dead of gunshot wounds.

"Police say it appears Richard Benson shot his wife, in a stairway, then shot himself in the living room.

"Detectives and an investigator from the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office were still investigating, in the afternoon.

"Detectives say they have information that medical issues may have been a recent concern for both victims.

"The 911 call came from a relative."


Look Through Any Window

"San Diego, CA - Autopsies are scheduled Saturday for a father and son believed to have been killed in a murder-suicide in Paradise Hills.

"A friend who went to check on the men in a house on Sylvy Way near Omega Drive looked in a window, saw what appeared to be two bodies and called 911 about 2 p.m. Saturday, according to the Medical Examiner's Office.

"Neighbors said they heard several shots coming from the home Wednesday night. Authorities said a handgun was found near the bodies.

"The victims are reportedly Ardo Novarro, 55, and his 22-year-old son, Noel. Neighbors said the father had been taking antidepressants and appeared grief-stricken over the death of his wife earlier in the year."


Three Knives, Two Bodies

"Philadelphia, PA - Authorities say they are investigating a possible murder-suicide after finding a married couple dead in their northeast Philadelphia home.

"Philadelphia police say they found the bodies of the husband and wife at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday, and both of them had been stabbed multiple times. The Medical Examiner is still trying to determine whether the incident was a murder-suicide or double homicide. Police say three bloody knives were found at the scene.

"Police say the couple's two young sons were not home at the time of the incident.

"The couple lives in the 100 block of Greycourt Road.

"Authorities declined to release additional information on the case."

From FOX Philadelphia...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Names Released In Canadian Murder/Suicide

"Orangeville, ON, Canada - An overnight domestic dispute north of Toronto has left a woman and her estranged husband dead, police say.

"Around midnight Friday, police drove to a home in Orangeville after a call that a couple was fighting inside.

"The responding police officers left the home, but returned a short time later after a gunshot was reported.

"Once entering the home, police found a woman inside with a serious gunshot wound.

"The woman, reportedly in her late 30s, was taken to a local hospital, but had to be airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, where she died.

"Later, officers went to the ex-husband's nearby home in Mono, which is about 13 kilometres north of Orangeville.

"Police say that members of the Emergency Response Team and other tactical units were also on the scene, where there was a reported standoff.

"According to some reports, the standoff lasted for more than two hours, but police later entered the home to find the man dead. No names have been released."


Sad End Of Elderly UK Couple

"Lancashire, UK - A pensioner with mental health problems is believed to have strangled his sick wife and then hanged himself.

"Neighbours raised the alarm and police found the bodies of retired miner John Darbyshire, 70, and his wife Jean, 69, at their home in Whiteside Avenue, Hindley, near Wigan.

"Residents said Mrs Darbyshire had been suffering with Alzheimer's for years. The couple had two sons and a granddaughter. One of their sons, from Blackrod near Bolton, said he was too upset to talk about the deaths.

"A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed detectives were not looking for anyone else in connection with their investigation.

"It is understood the deaths are being treated as a murder and suicide."

From the Manchester Evening News...

Tragic End To Failed Romance

"FREMONT, CA - A 17-year-old boy allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend Friday night before attempting to take his own life in front of a Fremont home, a police detective said.

"Fremont police Detective Bill Veteran said it appears the boy may have shot a 17-year-old girl before turning the gun on himself at about 7 p.m. in the 4300 block of Millard Avenue in Fremont’s South Sundale neighborhood.

"Fremont police Detective Bill Veteran said the suspected shooter had been romantically involved with the 17-year-old girl until recently, and that they were exchanging a cell phone prior to the shooting.

"The boy allegedly used a small-caliber handgun to shoot the girl in the head before turning it on himself, according to Veteran. The girl was killed, The suspected shooter was in grave condition Friday night.

"Police are not releasing the names of the victim or suspect due to their age."


Friday, September 11, 2009

Perp Was Wanted On Domestic Violence Charges

"NATCHEZ, MS — A late night argument ended in a murder suicide at the Holiday Apartments on Old Washington Road Thursday.

"Natchez Police Sgt. Craig Godbold said an argument between Marquis Terrell and his longtime girlfriend Renata Washington ended when Terrell shot and killed Washington, then killed himself.

"`He basically sat down beside her and shot himself,` Godbold said.

"Godbold said the couple had a history of domestic violence.

"Terrell is recently believed to have been staying in the Clayton area and had two outstanding warrants for his arrest stemming from previous domestic violence incidents with Washington."

From the Natchez Democrat...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Couple Had History Of Domestic Violence

"Grand Forks, ND - Police say it appears a Grand Forks man found dead in his home Tuesday shot his wife then killed himself with a .22-caliber handgun.

"The couple was identified as Lyle W. Cordts, 50, and Julie Rae Cordts, 47, who lived together at 1502 12th Ave. S., according to a news release issued by the Grand Forks Police Department today.

"Officers found Lyle Cordts lying dead on a bed in a bedroom; they found Julie Cordts unconscious on the floor of the same bedroom, the release states.

"Investigators located two spent casings consistent with the handgun and the head wounds of both husband and wife.

"Police believe Lyle Cordts shot his wife and then killed himself a few hours before officers entered the home about 10 a.m. Tuesday, according to the release.

"Julie Cordts was taken to Altru Hospital, which is not releasing information on her condition.

"Preliminary autopsy results for Lyle Cordts show he died from a single self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Police and court records revealed that the couple had a history of domestic violence."


5 Year Old Makes Grisly Discovery

"Mount Washington, KY - A five-year-old walks into his home after school and finds a family tragedy.

"A man is dead and a 16-year-old boy is wounded inside a home in the 300 block of Choctaw Court, northeast of Mount Washington. It happened in a home in Cedar Ridge Estates, a subdivision just the other side of the county line from Louisville.

"Police say the child found his father dead in the living room hallway, while his 16-year-old stepbrother lay barely alive in a bedroom. Bullitt County officers were investigating whether tensions between a man and his stepson escalated to what they called an attempted murder-suicide.

"`It looked like some type of argument between the father and the stepson. The father went and got a handgun and shot the son, we believe, and then shot himself,` said Chief Deputy Danny Thompson.

"Thompson said officers found the man lying in the living room hallway with the handgun still in his grasp. The stepson lay gravely wounded in a bedroom.

"The 16-year-old is listed in `stable, but guarded condition` after medics flew him to University Hospital and undergoing surgery, according to Thompson.

"His mother, also the man's wife, apparently was at work.

"`She knew they had some problems, but she thought that they'd worked it out. They went to some counseling, and she thought they were getting along better. But obviously something fired today and things went bad,` said Thompson.

"`The neighbors here said they were very quiet people. The mother worked at Humana. Very nice lady. They said the man was very cordial. The kids were nice. It's just something unsuspected by any of the neighbors,` said Thompson.

"Police have not released the names of those involved.

"Neighbors said the 16-year-old attends Bullitt East High School. They said the family has lived in the subdivision about two years."


Trailer Fire Concealed Murder/Suicide

"DENHAM SPRINGS, LA - Livingston Parish sheriff's deputies have concluded the deaths of two men Sunday afternoon found inside a burned mobile home in Denham Springs was the result of a murder-suicide.

"Deputies said Gary Salpietra, 24, shot and killed Gary Savoie, 81, set the trailer on fire and then took his own life. The men lived together in the trailer and Savoie's family members told investigators the elderly man had unofficially adopted Salpietra.

"Sheriff's deputies and firefighters originally responded to a fire inside a mobile home in the Denham Oaks Mobile Home Park, which is south of Denham Springs. The fire was quickly extinguished and when the home was searched for possible victims, the two men were found. According to investigators, it looked like both had died from gunshot wounds.

"The Louisiana Fire Marshal's Office was called in to help figure out how the fire started, while the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office investigate the deaths. The Livingston Parish Coroner's Office also investigated the deaths.

"Detectives said Salpietra used gasoline to set the fire inside the trailer before turning the gun on himself."


One Dead, One "Grave" In California Motel Murder/Suicide

"OAKLAND, CA — A 19-year-old woman is fighting for her life this morning after being shot in the head at an East Oakland motel by a 27-year-old man who then killed himself, police said.

"The shooting happened about 12:06 a.m. at the Motel 6, 8480 Edes Ave., not far from the Oakland Coliseum, less than five hours after the two checked into a room, police said.

"Police did not identify them pending notification of relatives.

"Sgt. Alex Perez said the woman had documents indicating she was from Las Vegas; the man appears to be from Vallejo.

"Perez said police are not sure what their relationship was or how long they knew each other.

"He said the couple checked into the motel about 7:27 p.m. Tuesday, just a few minutes after buying some food at a nearby fast food restaurant. He said the food was never eaten.

"Other occupants did not report hearing any arguing from the pair's room.

"A security guard and a guest did hear gunfire just before the two were found.

"Perez said it appears the man shot the woman in the head with a pistol then shot himself. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:27 a.m. today.

"The woman was in grave condition at a hospital."

Source: Contra Costa Times...

"Devout Catholic" Murders Sister, Commits Suicide

"WYANDOTTE, MI - Police in Wyandotte find the bodies of an elderly brother and sister inside their home. It's possible a family death may have lead to a murder-suicide.

"For more than three decades, Mike Ososkie came to know the Stanaks as a warm, loving family. 72-year-old Peter Stanak lived at the home with his two sisters. On holidays, Ososkie always got a handmade card with season's greetings.

"`It was a brother and two sisters that we lived next door to for 30 plus years. They looked after each other. It was as close of a family as you could find,` said Ososkie.

"However, police say after one of the sisters -- Mary Stanak -- died of natural causes last week, Peter Stanak was overcome with grief. At 9:30 Tuesday morning with a key from Ososkie, they entered the home on 22nd Street and discovered two dead bodies.

"Police say Peter Stanak had shot his 82-year-old sister Patricia in the head while she slept and then went into his own bedroom and turned the gun on himself. Neither of the siblings had children or were married.

"`The mind's a very, very delicate thing, and I'm afraid maybe that's what happened is that Pete just... couldn't understand the loss of the one sister,` Ososkie said.

"Peter Stanak, who worked as an amateur artist, had been a devout Catholic. Ososkie [said] he never missed a church service with his sisters. `I don't think he was the same Pete Stanak that I knew when the situation happened,` he said."

From FOX Detroit...

Two Women Dead In Alaskan Murder/Suicide

"EAGLE RIVER, AK - Anchorage police are investigating what appears to be a murder suicide in Eagle River.

"Police say they were asked to conduct a welfare check at the home of two women who did not show up for work.

"When they to the home located in the 10100 block of Caribou Street at around 7p.m. last night, they discovered the bodies of two women. Police say it appears they died as a result of a murder suicide.

"`We're still waiting for the final crime scene team analysis, but at this point that's what they believe this to be. The two were apparently roommates, both living here in this home,` APD Lt. Dave Parker said.

"Anchorage police say they will not release the names of the women until their families have been notified."


Police Decline To Comment

"HORICON, WI — Horicon police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide that occurred late Tuesday afternoon at a residence in the 400 block of Maple Street in the city of Horicon.

"Dispatch workers at the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call around 4 p.m. from a person who reported that a person had been shot at the home. When police arrived on the scene, they found two deceased victims, a man and a woman, inside the home, said Horicon Lt. Adrian Bump.

"`The person that discovered the victims was a family member who had driven over to check on them,` Bump said.

"The identities of the victims are not being released pending the outcome of an autopsy, Bump said.

"Bump declined to speculate whether or not the deaths were being investigated as a murder suicide, saying only that it was a death investigation at this time. The Horicon Police Department is expected to issue a press release later on Wednesday."


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Few Details In Florida Double Murder/Suicide

"HOMESTEAD, FL ― According to Miami-Dade police spokesman Juan Villalba, there is a dead man, woman and child inside a home near SW 304th Terrace and 162nd Avenue.

"Miami-Dade Police reportedly came to the home to do a welfare check on the child's mother when she did not show up for work.

"The identities and ages of the deceased have not been released."

From CBS4...

No Witnesses, No Motive

"FLINT, MI - The weekend shooting deaths of a man and woman appear to be a murder-suicide, according to police.

"Police found the bodies about 9:40 p.m. Saturday after officers were asked to check on people at the house.

"The pair are acquaintances and had not been seen for about 24 hours, said Flint police Sgt. Mike Angus.

"It appears both were killed by shotgun blasts, said police.

"There were apparently no witnesses and a motive is unknown, said Angus.

"Police have not released the names of a man and woman pending confirmation by the Genesee County Medical Examiner's office."


Fiery Murder/Suicide Blamed On Extramarital Affair

"Uttar Pradesh, India - A 22-year-old woman set her two children and herself ablaze in Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh, police said Tuesday. Locals said she committed suicide as her husband had an extra-marital affair.

"Kusum Yadav set herself on fire along with her two-year-old son Ayush and five-year-old daughter Varsha Monday. She was a resident of Jharihagpur village in Bhadohi, about 250 km from state capital Lucknow.

"`The incident came to light when Kusum's neighbours saw smoke and heard screams from her home. After being informed by the locals, we rushed to the spot. But the three died by then,` police inspector Shriprakash Dubey [said].

"According to police, preliminary investigations reveal Kusum committed suicide after killing her children.

"`We have detained Kusum's husband and his family members to know the exact cause behind the incident,` said Dubey."


Monday, September 7, 2009

Domestic Dispute Ends On The Back Porch

"Rural Valley, PA - Armstrong County officials said a husband killed his wife and then took his own life in an apparent murder suicide at their home in Cowanshannock early Saturday.

"Coroner Robert Bower identified the victims as Holly Goldstrohm, 44, and Harold `Butch` Goldstrohm Jr., 47, both of Rural Valley.

"Bower said Holly Goldstrohm called Armstrong 911 around 2 a.m. to report a domestic dispute.

"When state police responded to their mobile home along Route 85 shortly after the call, they found both victims dead on the back porch, according to Bower.

"State police said both died from gunshot wounds. They resided there as husband and wife, police said.

"Bower said the couple had grown children and lived alone in the residence.

"An autopsy of both showed that Harold Goldstrohm shot Holly Goldstrohm and then shot himself, Bower said. Both died of single gunshots to the head, he said."


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Domestic Violence Leads To Murder/Suicide

"Las Vegas, NV - A woman is dead following what police are calling an apparent murder suicide on Saturday evening.

"Police say they were responding to a domestic violence call near Camino El Norte and Craig. When they arrived at the scene, they heard gunfire which caused them to take cover.

"When officers did enter the home, they found a woman who had been shot to death and a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The man is listed in critical condition.

"An unharmed 16-year-old girl was also found in the home barricaded inside a room."