Wednesday, May 7, 2014

House Guest Calls 911 After Shots Fired

"MORRISVILLE, NC — Police are investigating the deaths of a husband and wife found dead in their Morrisville home Monday as a murder/suicide.

"Melissa Eileen Preston, 43, and Jonathan Edward Preston, 46, were found shot to death at the 2016 Weaver Forest Way residence they rented in the Providence Place subdivision. Their three young children were not home at the time.

"Morrisville spokeswoman Stephanie Smith said the case is considered a murder/suicide, but she declined to say whether police know which member of the couple was the shooter.

"A man who called 911 Monday morning said the Prestons “were having problems” before they were found dead.

"The caller, who was not identified, said he and his wife were close friends from out of town and were staying with the couple at their home when he heard gunshots coming from the master bedroom Monday morning.

"`I’m not going up there. It sounded like shots fired,` the caller told a dispatcher after he went outside to call 911.

"`It was probably like 10 shots,` he said. `It sounded like a small caliber gun.`

"Melissa Preston worked from home as co-owner of jewelry business RockHill Designs. Jonathan Preston worked for Microsoft."



  1. 10 shots? Normally I'd say the guy did it, but he worked for Microsoft after all, so... it could have been justifiable homicide.

  2. actually it turns out his wife was planning an escape plan to get away from him with their children and he planned to kill her. He had all the children's paperwork together ready to go knowing full well he would take his own life after killing her. Such a selfish act

  3. I suspected she was leaving him, or that he had uncovered her plans to leave, or that she had a lover. 10 shots is a lot and seemed vengeful. Oddly, there is no evidence of an autopsy and perhaps the coroner didn't think it necessary. I don't know whose idea it was to have friends come and visit, but it would make sense that M wanted someone else around to perhaps keep him from killing her. Or- he wanted someone around to handle things once they were both dead? I strongly suspect there is a grieving man who lost someone he loved enough to help her move away, in addition to both families. The whole community lost a great deal the day they died, not to mention the hole left in the lives of the kids. Heartbreaking.