Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Seemed Like He Loved Her To Death"

"NEBO, NC — A former preacher and his wife are found dead in an apparent murder/suicide.

"McDowell County Sheriff investigators say the bodies of Garry and Judy Capps were found in their home Saturday evening, by a friend. Investigators say it appears the husband shot his wife and then himself. They add that the couple had serious health issues.

"McDowell County Sheriff Department Captain Shanon Smith says, family tells investigators the couple never fought. `They were very much in love with each other,` says Captain Smith. `Cared for each other deeply. It's just a tragic situation all the way around,` he says.

"An old friend and church member of the couple says she can't imagine Garry Capps killing the love of his life. `They were good people and I think they got along real good,` says Nina Vandiford. `Seemed like he loved her to death` she adds."


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