Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bodies Found In Car On Lonely Road

"LACEY, WA — Thurston County sheriff's deputies are investigating an apparent murder/suicide shooting that left a husband and wife dead near Lacey Wednesday.

"A passing driver spotted the bodies just after 2 p.m. alongside 56th Ave. NE west of Marvin Rd. NE and called 911, according to Greg Elwin with the Thurston Co. Sheriff's Office.

"The 39-year-old woman was shot in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene, Elwin said. The 51-year-old man, had a gun shot wound to the face and died on the way to the hospital.

"`The gun that was used was right next to the bodies, and it appears they were husband and wife,` said Lt. Cliff Ziesemer of the Thurston County sheriff's office.

"The car is registered to a Lakewood apartment. Lakewood police rushed there and found the couple's two teenaged children. The kids were not hurt.

"Elwin said they are still investigating what led up to the shooting. The victims' names have not been released."


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