Monday, July 14, 2014

Three Dead In Midnight Shooting

"LOGAN, UT — Police say a Logan man forced his way into an apartment shortly after midnight Monday and shot and killed two people before going to another apartment and fatally shooting himself.

"MacKenzie Madden, 19, of Logan, and Johnathon Jacob Sadler, 25, of Logan, were shot multiple times and killed inside an apartment at 636 E. 500 North. Later, police found the body of Jared Jay Tolman, 23, of Logan, in an apartment at 1693 N. 400 West.

"Authorities believe Tolman, a member of the Utah Army National Guard at the time of his death, shot and killed Madden and Sadler before taking his own life.

"As of midday Monday, police had not disclosed a possible motive for the apparent double murder/suicide. While Madden and Tolman were reportedly acquaintances, investigators said there did not seem to be any serious relationships between the three people involved and the shootings were not believed to be domestic-related.

"Logan Police Lt. Brad Franke said just after midnight, Tolman forced his way into the apartment on 500 North and fired multiple rounds with a rifle. Franke said detectives believe Tolman went to the apartment with a specific target in mind. He did not say whether Madden or Sadler were the intended targets. Franke said there were no other people in the immediate vicinity when the shots were fired.

"Logan police officers were called to the apartment at 12:16 a.m.

"Some tenants called 911 believing there had been an explosion. But no evidence of an explosion or fireworks were found, police said. Some witnesses reported that a vehicle was spotted fleeing from the area shortly after the shootings.

"About 45 minutes later, officers were called to another report of a shooting at a second apartment. That's where they found Tolman's body, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

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