Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mother And Son Found Shot To Death

"TULSA, OK — Police say a mother and her teenage son found shot to death inside a Tulsa home may have planned their own deaths.

"Kimberly Crabtree, 50, was discovered Tuesday afternoon with her son, 17-year-old Joseph Crabtree, inside their house on 2215 South Delaware Place in Tulsa's midtown district.

"Police say both had been shot and were deceased.

"Investigators say Kimberly Crabtree's sister asked police to go to the home to check the well-being of the residents.

"According to a news release issued this morning by Tulsa Police:

"`There was no signs of a struggle inside the residence. The investigation is ongoing however it appears that the shooting was planned by both parties. The OK Medical Examiner's Office will attempt to determine the sequence of events that led to the deaths. The evidence recovered at the scene indicates to investigators that Joseph Crabtree shot Kimberly and then shot himself.`"


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