Monday, July 7, 2014

Motive Unknown In Death Of Neighbors

"EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO — The violence on July 4 that took the lives of two men in Excelsior Springs has neighbors confused over what happened.

"According to neighbors, Todd Logan, 53, shot and killed his neighbor Cletis Southwick, 49, as Cletis returned to his home from a friend’s house.

"Neighbors [told reporters] that residents of the Excelsior Manor Mobile Home Park were watching fireworks earlier in the evening. Then, at about 11:20 p.m., as Cletis Southwick returned to his trailer, they say Logan opened fire on him and then turned the gun on himself.

"Logan died that night from a self-inflicted gunshot, as police surrounded the area. Southwick was taken to Liberty Hospital but died Sunday night.

"Neighbors say the two had a disagreement in the past, but they thought the men had patched things up.

"They do not recall the two having an argument or any kind of words before Logan shot Southwick.

"Neighbors described Southwick as a well-liked and friendly man who worked as a maintenance worker at the trailer park."

From WDAF-TV...

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