Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Of Five Found Dead In Apartment

"SACO, ME — State police said Monday afternoon that 33-year-old Joel Smith shot and killed his wife and three children before killing himself on Sunday afternoon in their apartment on 35 Water Street.

"Smith shot his wife, Heather Smith, 35; his stepson, Jason Montez, 12; and his two children, Noah Montez, 7, and Lily Smith, 4, Maine State Police Sgt. Chris Harriman said at a press conference.

"The older two children were shot in their separate bedrooms, and Heather Smith and the daughter were killed in the master bedroom, where Joel Smith committed suicide. Harriman said it appeared all the victims were sleeping in bed at the time of the shootings. Some were shot multiple times.

"`We know that they were having some domestic issues, some financial problems,` Harriman said. `We’re going to try to get to the bottom of that by interviewing friends, family, friends of the children.`

"Harriman said police had not previously been called to the house. He said prescription medications were found in the house, but would not elaborate."

Source: Bangor Daily News...

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