Friday, June 20, 2014

Deputies Find Decomposing Bodies In Apartment Complex

"KATY, TX — There are lots of questions after a man and woman were found dead inside a Katy apartment. Investigators are looking into the possibility of a murder/suicide.

"Deputies say there doesn't appear to be any sign of forced entry. They are still trying to figure out the events leading up to this double homicide.

"A disturbing discovery has plagued residents at the Grand Villas apartment complex with questions after Harris County homicide detectives found two bodies inside a downstairs unit.

"`I didn't hear any fights, I didn't hear any yelling screaming or anything else,` said one resident.

"He says he didn't hear anything, but he did smell a foul odor.

"`Just like bad food,` he said.

"The resident told [reporters] the smell was stronger coming from his next-door neighbor's unit.

"`The neighbor next door asked me to come over to her apartment to see if she had a smell, and I said, 'Yes, it's coming from the bedroom,'` he said.

"Hours later officers were called out for a welfare check and found a man and woman inside who they say had been dead for several days.

"`Right now we're trying to determine the exact cause of death. Right now it doesn't appear that a stranger did anything so it may be a murder/suicide, but its hard to determine at this point,` said Sgt. Robert Spurgeon, with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

"I knew the guy and we talked a couple of times," said the resident. "Everyone knows who lives here, we recognize each other."

"Residents say it's still hard to imagine what led up to this double homicide inside their quiet community.

"Neighbors tell us the man that lived inside of the unit was nice and made friendly conversation. People who live in this area say they are shocked.

"Deputies have not released the names of the two adults found inside the apartment. Officers [told reporters] the male was the resident who occupied that unit."


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