Monday, June 30, 2014

"He Was A Good Guy"

"QUEENS, NY — A father murdered his 8-year-old son inside their Queens home and then tried to take his own life on Sunday night, authorities said.

"Cops found the child strangled in his own bed while the boy’s 41-year-old father was sprawled out on the floor outside the bathroom of their Underhill Ave. home in Fresh Meadows bleeding from his wrists at 10:20 p.m., police said.

"`He was a good guy. He’s a very homely person,` said the father’s friend and landlord, Abed Islam, 30.

"Islam said he rents the bottom level of the two-story home to the father, who often was heard bickering with his wife. `They fight a lot. They get loud and have lots of disagreements,` said Islam. `The fights were verbal and very loud.`

"Police were summoned to the scene by a 911 caller and when they couldn’t get inside the apartment, cops called the super to let them in, officials said.

"Once inside, cops spotted the boy, who had no blunt force trauma to his body but did have injuries to his neck, in a rear bedroom, cops said.

"The fading father was quickly strapped to a stretcher by paramedics and taken to Queens Hospital Center, where he is expected to survive, officials said.

"It is not yet known what sparked the man to kill his own child, cops said.

"He has not yet been charged with a crime, officials said."

Source: NY Daily News...

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