Monday, June 30, 2014

Frustrated Job Seeker Opens Fire

"BROOKLYN, NY — A gunman reportedly shot himself after opening fire and shooting two men inside of an iron shop in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday.

"According to the New York Police Department, an unidentified gunman walked into a C&A Iron Works building in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Monday morning and stated that he wanted a job. Within five minutes, witnesses said that he pulled out a gun and shot two people.

"A C&A Iron Works employee named Marcos Chantes told the New York Post that the suspect had previously been denied employment at the location. Chantes said that the man asked about a job and was directed to go speak to the manager.

"`When he came back down, I see him looking nervous,` Chantes said. `He's looking behind his back like someone is looking for him.`

"Chantes says that he then watched the man pull a gun out of a black bag and shoot his friend, Oscar, around 11:15 a.m.

"`I said, 'Oh my God,'` he said. `And I turned, and the guy looked right at me. I ran and started yelling, 'Everyone get out, get out.'`

"Chantes said the gunman fired his gun at least eight times over 10 minutes.

"`I was working in the office, and I heard a loud bang,` another worker said. `But we work with steel, so there are loud bangs all the time. I saw a guy fall to the floor and start screaming.`

"One iron worker named Dmitry Tabakin said, `I heard maybe five or six shots. I saw him put the gun to the worker's chest and shoot,` the New York Daily News reported.

"After shooting the two men, the gunman then barricaded himself in the building on 13th Street, between Second and Third Avenues, while pointing a gun at his head. He reportedly fatally shot himself after a two hour standoff with police.

"One victim was hit in the torso and rushed to Lutheran Medical Center in critical condition, while the other man was taken to Lutheran in stable condition, the NYPD said. An NYPD spokesman reported that the victims are `not likely` to die."


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