Monday, June 2, 2014

Two Dead After Argument At Gas Station

"LOUISVILLE, KY — Louisville Metro Police said a man that shot and killed his wife Saturday night then shot himself has died.

"The shooting happened at a gas station on Cane Run Road in Shively.

"Those who live nearby were still trying to make sense of the crime Sunday.

"Police have identified the the man and woman involved in the murder-suicide -- 45-year-old Scott Joslin and 43-year-old Christina Joslin. It's something that has left many in the area disturbed.

"A typical busy Saturday night at the Thornton's in the 4100 block of Cane Run Road suddenly turned terrifying.

"`I was getting some gas and snacks and I came out of the store and saw the guy shoot the woman and then turn the gun on himself. We went to try and help but the guy was shaking,` said witness Donald Clay.

"Investigators said a number of witnesses saw the scene unfold at the gas station around 11 p.m.

"Police said they believe it began with argument before Scott Joslin shot his wife and then shot himself.

"Christina Joslin died at the scene. Scott Joslin was taken to University of Louisville Hospital where he died Sunday afternoon.

"The crime has left many people shaken.

"`Our kids saw it as well. We tried to cover it up, but the sad thing is they saw it, too. So we're going to have to counsel them as well,` said Clay.

"Hours later, locals still couldn't believe what happened.

"Dewayne and Sandy Harris live next to the store.

"`Everybody takes care of everybody around here and everyone's shocked that it happened right here. I mean, a lot of people go in the Thornton's every day,` said Sandy Harris.

"`I mean, yeah, you might get in an argument, but there's no use in killing somebody over it,` said Dewayne Harris.

"Detectives are still trying to piece together what happened leading up to the deadly shooting."

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