Friday, June 13, 2014

Mom Tosses Kids Out Window, Jumps

"LAS VEGAS, NV — Las Vegas police said a valley mother tossed her six-month-old baby and her toddler out of a second story window, before jumping herself.

"It happened just before 6 a.m. Thursday on Spiritual Way near Lake Mead and Walnut. All three survived, but those children are in critical condition.

"`This is a criminal investigation. We are investigating right now attempted murder by child abuse,` said Lt. Dan McGrath.

"Police said the woman who lives at the home, tossed her baby and toddler out the window, and then jumped herself.

"Police said no one actually witnessed the incident but there were other family members home at the time. They found the three in the backyard, and one of them called authorities.

"Abuse and neglect teams were expected to stay at the scene for many hours, as they tried to figure out why this may have happened. But they did have one clue.

"`The report from the family is that the female was suffering from some type of depression,` said Lt. McGrath."


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