Friday, June 20, 2014

Kids Find Bodies, Call 911

"KENNESAW, GA — A 58-year-old man allegedly shot a woman inside her home and then shot himself in what police have ruled a murder/suicide Wednesday morning in Cobb County.

"But why the man shot the woman and himself remained unclear hours later. And police said they do not know what the relationship was between the two, though they added the man had been at the home at least once before.

"[Reports indicate] that the two were dating. They have been identified as Michael Le and 35-year-old Navy Thuy Vo, of Kennesaw, according to Cobb County police. Police said they do not have an address for Le.

"It’s unclear how long the two had been dead, but police said they responded to the home at 2379 Heritage Park Circle in Kennesaw shortly after 11 a.m. after getting a report about the double shooting.

"Vo’s two children, who are in their early to mid-teens, had found the bodies and called 911, police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said. The two lived with their mom, but were not at home at the time of the shooting, Pierce said.

"When officers arrived, the two were already deceased from apparent gunshot wounds, Pierce said. It’s unclear when the shooting occurred. It was also unclear if there was any forced entry to the home.

"Investigators believe Le first shot and killed Vo before taking his own life, Pierce said. He did not know if Vo had been shot more than once or where on the body she was shot. It was also unclear where in the home the bodies were found."


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