Friday, December 12, 2014

Investigation Continues After Bodies Found In Home

"SALTILLO, MS — A tumultuous relationship ended in gunfire Tuesday afternoon outside of Saltillo.

"According to Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson, deputies responded to a shots fired call at 156 County Road 521 around 1:30 p.m.

"`Upon arrival, deputies found an unlocked door and entered the residence,` said Johnson. `Inside, they discovered one male and one female with fatal gunshot wounds.`

"Lee County Coroner Carolyn Green identified the deceased as Danny Tutor, 58, and Shelia Tutor, 50, both of 156 County Road 521.

"`Several weapons were recovered from inside the home and this is being treated as a murder/suicide,` said Johnson.

"The details of the shootings are still under investigation.

"According to Chief Deputy John Hall, the initial call to 911 came from neighbors reporting what they thought were gunshots. A deputy arrived on the scene and was unable to get anyone to answer the door. When backup arrived, the officer again approached the house but got no response from inside.

"`We were in the process of trying to locate a family member with a key when it was discovered that one of the doors was unlocked,` said Hall. `It was then they discovered the two individuals. Both were deceased when we located them.`"


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