Friday, December 26, 2014

Teen Escapes Shooting Rampage

"HARRISON, AR — Police are investigating a possible murder/suicide at a residence on Bunn Ave. East in Harrison Wednesday.

"According to Harrison Police Department's Chief Paul Woodruff, police were called to the home by Sheila Fredrick, 46, who said her estranged husband, William Fredrick, 42, was trying to kick in her door and armed with a gun.

"When police arrived, they found Sheila’s 13-year-old son outside the home. He said he saw William kick in the door and come inside with a gun. The boy then picked up a baseball bat and hit the gun, causing it to discharge and fall from William’s hand.

"The boy ran to his bedroom, locked the door and crawled out a window to find help. He said he heard to gunshots from inside the home.

"The first officer who arrived on scene went into the home and attempted to open a back bedroom door that seemed to be barricaded. Additional officers forced open the door, which was blocked by Sheila's body.

"Woodruff says both William and Sheila were dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

"Evidence from the home and the bodies will be sent to the state crime lab for examination.

"According to Woodruff, Sheila had a valid protection order against William and he had violated the order numerous times.

"The sheriff's department was waiting for warrants on William for three separate incidents when the murder/suicide happened.

"Woodruff says, in the third and most recent incident, William entered Sheila's home when no one was there. The incident was classified as a burglary because he got on her computer while he was in the house. That, coupled with the violation of the protection order, made the incident a felony."


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