Friday, December 12, 2014

"Perfect Couple" Found Dead In Apartment

"ARLINGTON, VA — To his girlfriend’s family, Ray Savoy seemed an attentive, loving boyfriend. The 29-year-old carried Kristy Flowers, an aspiring lawyer, up and down the stairs after she had surgery on her foot and often made sure that her baths were accompanied by candles and chocolates. About a month ago, Savoy broached the subject of marrying Flowers with her mother, father and other relatives.

"But there were signs of trouble, mostly in hindsight. On a trip to visit Flowers’s family in Ohio, Savoy drank a lot and talked about a gun he kept in his car, Flowers’s brother said. The young man seemed unusually interested in his girlfriend’s hugging a male friend, her mother and father said. And his talk of marriage came after only months of dating, a little premature for some in Flowers’s family.

"On Tuesday, police officials in Arlington County said they believe that Savoy fatally shot Flowers, 31, inside the apartment they shared on North Kensington Street in the Westover neighborhood, then shot and killed himself. Their bodies were discovered late Monday afternoon, after Flowers’s mother, concerned that she hadn’t been able to reach her daughter all weekend, got in touch with an apartment maintenance man, who contacted police. Lt. Kip Malcolm, a police department spokesman, said detectives found a handgun in the home. Arlington police had never been called to the apartment for domestic violence.

"`To me, they were like the perfect couple,` said Patricia Flowers, Kristy Flowers’s mother. `There was nothing to indicate that he was a violent person.`"

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  1. There seem to be missing pieces to this puzzle. Something just seems a little off. I hope they dont just close the case. Btw- wonder if they found out about the "open window"....
    Also wondering when they are going to report about the boyfriends past record/relationships/possible domestic violence.. People need to know and be aware.