Monday, December 22, 2014

"Mentally Afflicted" Man Kills Mother, Grandmother

"LITTLE ROCK, AR — Little Rock police announced early Thursday morning that it appears a man has shot and killed his mother and grandmother just before turning the gun on himself.

"According to Sgt. Cassandra Davis, police were called to the Colony West Apartments on 1420 Breckenridge Drive around 10 p.m. Wednesday for a welfare check as family members were concerned about not hearing anything from the victims in a very long time.

"Sgt. Davis's report showed that once police were able to enter the apartment, they found the bodies of 86-year-old Betty Joe Chapman, 60-year-old Lisa Rochelle Chapman, and 38-year-old Joshua Minor. All three of them had apparently been shot to death.

"A police report did indicate that Minor was mentally afflicted, but did not go into detail.

"Homicide detective said all three of the shooting victims lived together in the apartment. In addition, detectives found out there had been ongoing tension between Minor and his grandmother. They said that based off of evidence at the scene, Minor apparently killed both his mother and grandmother before killing himself."


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