Friday, December 12, 2014

"They Were Such A Quiet Couple"

"LOWER BURRELL, PA — A married couple died at home in a double shooting that was a case of murder-suicide, the Westmoreland County coroner said Thursday night.

"The shooting on 133 Clinton Avenue was reported shortly before 8 a.m. Authorities found the bodies of Leanne McDade, 42, and Mark McDade, 45, in an upstairs bedroom and said a handgun was found at the scene.

"`Mark McDade shot and killed his wife, Leanne McDade, at their residence,` a coroner's report said. `Mark McDade then turned the firearm on himself, sustaining a fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound.`

"A neighbor said she was shocked by the news of the McDades' deaths and said she never heard any commotion or fighting at the house.

"`They were such a quiet couple. When they were outside, they always seemed to get along,` said Cindy Simpson. `There's never been any commotion over there at all.`

"Lower Burrell police said the last time they were called to the home was in 2001 for a call that was non-violent in nature."


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