Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Woman Charged With Murder After Failed Suicide

"MARCO ISLAND, FL &Mdash; A 24-year-old Marco Island woman accused of killing her boyfriend, tried to kill herself before seeking help, reports show.

"Lisa Troemner admitted to deputies she tried to kill herself after fatally stabbing her 30-year-old boyfriend Trevor Smith.

"Troemner was taken to Physicians Regional Hospital Tuesday morning where she was treated for a self-inflicted stab wound to her neck.

"Arrest reports show Troemner told deputies she and Smith had been arguing for days leading up to the stabbing. For the past two days, the arguments had become more serious and, at points, physical.

"Troemner said she woke the morning of the stabbing to Smith calling her offensive names in bed.

"After the killing, Troemner walked to the 7-Eleven near the couple’s Park Avenue apartment. A clerk there called 911 and deputies arrived on scene.

"Troemner is being held on second-degree murder charges."


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