Monday, December 22, 2014

Victim Likely Suffered "Prolonged Domestic Abuse"

"MONTROSE, IA — A Montrose couple is dead after a man beat his wife to death before shooting himself, a Lee County official said. The couple was found Wednesday.

"Lee County Medical Examiner Eugenio Torres says Dirk Richard Fellows, 59, beat Jody Carol Fellows, 64, all over her body with his fists. Torres determined a blow to her head killed her.

"Fellows then shot himself in the head. Sheriff officials also found the family dog shot dead.

"Sheriff Jim Sholl said the couple was found in their home after a welfare check request. Sholl says a family friend was concerned when she hadn't heard from Jody Fellows in several days.

"After checking local hospitals and getting no response at the door, deputies saw the vehicles were in the garage and the house doors were locked from the inside, so they looked in the windows of the house. Sholl says deputies saw Dirk Fellows in his bed and saw blood.

"They went into the house and found Jody fellows near the door dead on the floor.

"Investigators say the occurrence wasn't a fluke.

"`She is possibly the victim of extended, prolonged domestic abuse,` Sholl said. `When you look at old bruises and new bruises, I think she was a victim of continued domestic violence.`"


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