Friday, February 28, 2014

Cop, Wife Found Dead In Home

"DALLAS, TX — A Texas police officer and his wife have been found shot to death in their Dallas area home in what investigators are calling a murder/suicide.

"Sgt Nick Pitofsky, 47, of the Crandall Police Department, allegedly killed his 42-year-old wife, Vanessa, Tuesday morning before turning the gun on himself.

"Dallas police responded to the couple's home on 1819 Browder Street at around noon after getting a call asking to perform a welfare check.

"Upon entering the two-story duplex, the responding officers discovered the bodies of the man and woman. Both Nick and Vanessa Pitofsky died from gunshot wounds.

"According to the Crandall Police Department, Sgt. Pitofsky had worked as a patrol officer for the department for two years. Before joining the suburban force, Pitofsky was a reserve officer with the Dallas Police Department.

"Local news reported that the 47-year-old had spent several months in 2007 working as a jailer with the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

"`Nick was well respected by his peers and will be deeply missed by the city and department as a whole,` a statement from Crandall PD read. `Nick was an energetic and jovial person who got along with everyone.`

"Nick Pitofsky was an avid gun and tactical gear enthusiast. The 47-year-old had been a contributor to the Scout Tactical Channel on YouTube featuring video reviews of various weapons.

"In a clip posted online just five days before the tragic murder-suicide, Sgt Pitofsky gave a rave review to a Mossberg 500 shotgun.

"`I purchased this as a self-defense weapon for my household, essentially for my wife,` he chillingly says in the video."

Source: Daily Mail...

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  1. what a sad story, his wife was truly beautiful, found more pictures here...I thought it was interesting there are non of her relatives found on his facebook page