Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Estranged Couple Dead In Restaurant Shooting

"LOUISE, TX — Tashondra Roberts said she and her friend used to laugh a lot while sharing a day shift—maybe a little too much, their boss would say—at Mustang Creek Bar-B-Q.

"But that contagious laugh is exactly what co-workers said they'll remember about Fabiola Reyes.

"Reyes, 35, was shot and killed Sunday in the barbecue restaurant.

"Wharton County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to the restaurant just after 4 p.m. Sunday—minutes after it had closed for the day. They were responding to a shooting, according to a news release issued by the sheriff's office.

"Reyes' husband, Salvador Reyes, had entered the diner through the back door, and after having a short conversation with his wife in Spanish, he pulled out a handgun and shot Fabiola Reyes twice in the chest, according to the news release.

"Salvador Reyes, 42, then shot himself in the head, wrote Sgt. Scott Grosser in an email.

"`There was no disturbance or arguing before the incident,` Grosser wrote. `As far as we can tell, Reyes had no intention of harming anyone else at the restaurant.`

"Grosser said officials didn't know where Reyes obtained the gun, and it wasn't believed to be stolen. Grosser also said there wasn't a restraining order or protective order between the husband and wife; however, the couple had recently separated and were contemplating divorce, he said."


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