Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Suspected Killer Found Dead In Creek

"PARKERSBURG, WV — Parkersburg Police say it all started with a homicide on Saturday.

"They say Daniel Whipkey was found dead, with bruises on Lulu Street in Parkersburg.

"His roommate, Robert Gagliardi, tells them Whipkey has a history of health problems and had been drinking and fell down the steps Friday night.

"Investigators say in the initial investigation on Saturday they found a hole in the wall and other evidence to show that was possible, and no obvious signs of foul play.

"Still, with some suspicion, police sent the body for an autopsy.

"Police say autopsy results on Monday showed a different story—that Whipkey had been beaten to death.

"Investigators say neighbors also began to talk, saying the two roommates had a history of fighting.

"Police say they had intentions to interview Gagliardi again on Tuesday but instead they found his body, dead from an apparent suicide by Worthington Creek.

"While Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin says it is not officially case closed without a few more interviews, they do believe the two are the only ones involved in the fight that killed Whipkey and clear evidence Gagliardi did shoot himself.

"Whipkey is 54-years-old, Gagliardi is 45-years-old."

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