Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"It's Just Unheard Of Around Here"

"TATUM, TX — The Tatum Police Department is investigating a murder/suicide that took place over the weekend on 635 N. Jefferson St., next to Tatum High School football stadium.

"Authorities said a man shot a woman then shot himself.

"Neighbors said the woman, Amy Griffith, was a mother and there were two boys ages 8 and 11 at the home when the shooting happened.

"`I do believe they just walked down the road and went to my neighbor's house and told them to call 911,` said neighbor Nathan Clark.

"`It's just unheard of around here. You don't hear (about) people killing other people. You know it does happen,` he said.

"Authorities said the bodies have been sent off for an autopsy and the case is under investigation.

"Funeral services for Griffith will be 10 a.m., Friday at Bar None Cowboy Church."

From KLTV7...

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