Monday, November 10, 2014

Death By Kitchen Knife

"CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — An attempted murder/suicide was discovered in a Westside neighborhood by a woman who was checking on her 84-year-old mother.

"Around 10 this morning police were called to a home on 2922 MacArthur for an attempted murder/suicide.

"`We heard a bunch of cop cars pull up so we came out,` said neighbor Damon Thomas.

"Police say a 61-year old woman discovered the scene when she went next door to check up on her 84-year old mother, Ramona Ramirez.

"`Yeah she goes up and checks up on the parents all the time. That's like her regular deal,` said Thomas.

"Police say she found her mother and her 62-year old husband, Patricio Ramirez, in the living room. Both of them had stab wounds. Patricio was dead, and her mother was still alive. Her mother, Ramona Ramirez, died just a few hours later in the hospital.

"`The old lady she's nice. But the old man... I mean I've never seen them fight or anything funny so... Um... They didn't look like they did not get along,` said Thomas.

"Police believe Patricio attempted to kill his wife with a kitchen knife, then kill himself with that same knife. The case is still under investigation. Police have not released what lead to the stabbings."


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