Monday, November 24, 2014

Two Found Dead In Empty Health Club

"SOUTHGATE, MI — Police are still on the scene of what appears to be a murder/suicide at a health club in a shopping center.

"According to Public Safety Director Thomas Coombs, police were called to Downriver Gymnastics on 13777 Eureka Road at about 9:15 a.m. Monday after receiving an open 911 call.

"`An open 911 call is when no one is talking on the other end,` Coombs said.

"`The dispatcher could hear what they thought was someone arguing on the other end of the phone. They dispatched officers and upon arrival they discovered the bodies of a male and female in what appears to be a murder/suicide.

"`The female victim was an employee of the club.`

"According to police the two were the only people in the facility.

"`The door was locked and the owner came down and opened it up,` Coombs said.

"`It appears a handgun was used in the incident. We are with holding identification until next of kin can be notified.`

"The facility remains locked while detectives continue to process the scene."


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