Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Robbery Was Motive In Double Murder/Suicide

"STUART, FL — Investigators now think they know the motive behind a double murder/suicide in Martin County.

"Gloria Bono and her son Michael were found shot to death inside a mansion in the Stuart Yacht and Country Club Monday November 10th.

"Investigators think 32-year-old Robert Gulick killed them before taking his own life.

"Detectives believe Michael and Robert were friends and that Robert knew that Michael carried large amounts of cash with him at all times.

"Sunday morning Robert asked Michael to come to a mansion where Gulick was working as a handyman.

"Unable to drive himself because of a suspended license, Michael had his mother drive him.

"She and her son were never seen leaving.

"Gulick was later found dead in a hotel room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Gloria Bono's SUV was also parked at the hotel.

"Inside the hotel where Gulick’s body was discovered detectives say they found narcotics and a large amount of cash.

"They say it appears the motive for the double murder was robbery.

"Investigators say Gloria and Michael were killed with the same type of weapon that the mansion owner, who lives in another state, keeps in her home.

"Investigators have ordered ballistic tests on the weapon."


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