Friday, November 28, 2014

Two Dead On Thanksgiving Morning

"BLUE SPRINGS, MO — A man and a woman are dead following a case of domestic violence that police say ended in a fatal shooting. A Blue Springs home at 2324 Northeast 23rd became a crime scene Thanksgiving morning.

"`Even if it isn`t Thanksgiving, it`s one of those calls that it`s hard for the families, being close to the holidays. It is rough for law enforcement and for the families involved,` said Sergeant Joe Fanara of the Blue Springs Police Department.

"Police arrived to the scene at about 7:30 on Thursday morning.

“`Once the officers showed up, they did hear the sound of shots fired inside of the residence,` Sgt. Fanara said.

"Police say that in addition to the two people killed there was a third person inside the home. Police confirm that man ran through the backyard after officers heard gunshots, but they aren't looking at him as a suspect.

"`We did have another gentleman who was inside of the residence that we don't believe was involved that possibly witnessed what occurred inside of the residence, and we are questioning him at this time,` Sgt. Fanara said."

From WDAF TV...

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