Thursday, November 27, 2014

Shattered Lives On Glass Street

"DIBOLL, TX — Diboll Police officers are investigating the death of a man and his wife whose bodies were found at a home on 1315 Glass Street Tuesday morning. Authorities believe that the deaths were possibly a double suicide or a murder/suicide.

"Steve Baker, the interim chief of the Diboll Police Department, said that the couple has been identified as William Guy Treadway, 86, and Velma Beauchamp Treadway, 73.

"The initial 911 call came in at 9:47 Tuesday, Baker said. The interim chief said that a family member of the couple said that they were concerned that their father had picked their mother up from the Trinity Mission nursing home and had made statements that they might hurt themselves.

"When the Diboll Police Department arrived at the scene, they tried to call into the house, but they got no response, Baker said. As a result, the officers made a forced entry into the home, and found William and Velma Treadway's bodies inside. Both people had apparent gunshot wounds, Baker said.

"Investigators quickly secured the scene, and autopsies have been ordered, Baker said.

"Baker said even though the case is still under investigation at this time, it could be a double suicide or a murder/suicide.

"`This isn't the kind of thing you think of on a morning like this,` Baker said. `It's tragic and the family members were actually on their way to visit and it's very tragic for them and we are very sorry for their loss. We know it's going to be tough for them now that it is the holidays.`"


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