Saturday, June 9, 2012

SWAT Robot Finds Bodies Of Murder/Suicide Victims

"HOUSTON, TX — A SWAT team found two bodies inside a southeast Houston home this morning.

"They went to the house on 8211 Glenheath after a man called police around 1am and said he had killed his wife.

"The team sent in a robot camera after a standoff that lasted two hours. The camera showed a man and woman dead in the master bedroom.

"Officers were able to enter the home and found the bodies. Police say the man appears to have been the aggressor and the dead woman was his wife.

"Police have not released the the names of the man and woman, but they confirm the man was a retired Houston firefighter.

"Officers found a loaded gun in the home, but the causes of their deaths are pending autopsies."

From KTRK...

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  1. My heart goes out too the family may god bless and keep you all... We never know whats going on inside of some one