Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Five Found Dead In Ohio Garage

"TOLEDO, OH — A grandmother, along with her grown son, has committed suicide and killed her three young grandchildren in Ohio by suffocating them with carbon monoxide.

"Sandy Ford, 54, was about to lose custody of her three grandchildren, Paige Hayes, 10, Logan Hayes, 6, and Madalyn Hayes, 5.

"Authorities believe she and her son Andy Ford, 32, who was the children's uncle, may have killed them at their home on 5142 Harvest Lane in Toledo, Ohio, to prevent Sandy's daughter from regaining custody.

"Firefighters found a truck with the engine running and hoses leading from the exhaust into a Honda Civic in the family's garage on Monday night.

"The three children, as well as Sandy and Andy Ford and the family's two dogs and a cat were all found dead inside the car."

Source: Mail Online...

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