Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Police "Not Ruling Out" Murder/Suicide

"ARLINGTON, TX — At around 2:30 this morning, Arlington police dispatched to an apartment complex in the 2700 block of Medicine Pass, near State Highway 360 and E. Park Row Drive. There, they found two bodies—that of an 18-year-old woman and a man in his early 20s. The cause of death: `We are not ruling out that it could be a murder-suicide,` says Arlington PD spokesman Sgt. Christopher Cook. `We do not believe there are suspects at large.`

"Cook says police were initially called to the scene by the woman’s family, who, he says, had grown concerned because she failed to show up at a relative’s last night to pick up her `small child.` When police arrived at the scene to conduct a welfare check, Cook says, there was evidence `that led us to believe some kind of struggle had occurred.`

"That evidence, he says, was blood outside the apartment.

"Kicking down the door, officers forced their way into the residence, where they discovered the bodies. No cause of death has been released; the medical examiner is en route to the scene. But Cook says, `We believe a firearm was used.`

"The names of the man and woman have not yet been released. But Arlington police believe the man is the woman’s estranged husband—and the father of the young child. `We don’t know if he lived there,` says Cook, `but the apartment was her primary residence.`"

From dallasnews.com...

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