Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homeless Shooter Kills Himself After Police Chase

"LAFAYETTE, IN — Lafayette police have released details about the night two men were killed by gunfire after a chase from an IHOP parking lot—and have officially determined it to be a murder-suicide.

"Late last Thursday night, police were called to the Lafayette IHOP on State Road 26 in response to a man being held against his will. After a chase and exchanged shots, a pickup truck with two dead men inside was wedged into a home.

"According to Lafayette police, a friend of 62-year-old Brook, Ind., man Ray Hershman called 911 that night and said Hershman was being held against his will at gunpoint in the IHOP parking lot by homeless man 46-year-old Steven Keith Moseley.

"Officers were dispatched to the restaurant, where they found a pool of blood and no vehicle. Investigators later determined one shot was fired by Moseley in the parking lot, which entered Hershman's right knee and traveled through his left ankle, hitting a major artery.

"After more officers showed up and began searching for the pickup truck in question, the truck was spotted behind the businesses behind Park East Boulevard behind Walmart on State Road 26.

"The truck was on Park East when Lafayette police officers Donna Gregorash and Adam Mellady spotted the truck. The truck turned out and headed west on Park East Boulevard.

"Gregorash and Mellady pulled their cars into a blocking formation without actually blocking the road, which requires official shift command permission to do.

"The officers blinded Moseley with their spotlights and Moseley started shooting and driving at them. That’s when Gregorash fired off three shots toward the pickup.

"One shot hit the windshield and wipers, one hit the door and one casing was never found, but police believe none of the bullets hit Moseley.

"A Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s deputy was situated behind all this action when Moseley took off in the pickup, headed through the two LPD cars, and sped away. The deputy followed the pickup around to Kettle Circle.

"The pursuit lasted roughly 30 seconds until Moseley stopped the truck, fired a shot inside the cab. The car then accelerated into a home on Kettle Circle.

"Police believe this last bit was Moseley committing suicide, going limp and hitting the accelerator."

From WISHTV...

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