Friday, April 18, 2014

Bystander Rescues Mom, Kids From Watery Grave

"FLORENCE TOWNSHIP, NJ — Joann Smith drover her van down a boat ramp and into the Delaware River with her children inside.

"The three kids, ages 13 to 15 began screaming and trying to call 911 on their cell phones.

"Their father, Jeffrey Smith received a chilling call from his daughter at 6:30 p.m., but he was too far away to help.

"Luckily, Darnell Taylor and his wife were driving nearby and heard the screaming.

"Taylor jumped into the freezing water to help. `I couldn't get the window open because the window in the van was not a pop-out window,` he told [reporters].

"The three children struggled inside while Taylor tried to help.

"`I kept telling the young lady to kick the window out, and she kicked it out,` he said.

"The kids and their mother scrambled safely to shore.

"Police in Florence Township, New Jersey arrested Joann Smith and charged her with three counts of attempted murder and child endangerment. A minor cut to a leg to one of the kids was the only injury.

"Taylor downplayed his part of the rescue but did recall one thing he thought was odd.

"He said Smith `only said thank you` one time during the rescue. "

From KRMG...

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