Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Double Shooting" Determined To Be Attempted Murder/Suicide

"MADISON HEIGHTS, VA — A double shooting in Madison Heights last week is believed to be an attempted murder/suicide, authorities said Monday.

"Deputies were called early Wednesday morning to 436 Ewers Lane, between Winesap and Elon roads. They found Ronald `Joe` Lloyd, 56, dead in his front yard. His wife, Nancy B. Lloyd, 59, was inside and wounded.

"On Monday, Amherst Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Turner said Nancy Lloyd was shot twice in the chest and Joe Lloyd sustained a single gunshot wound to the head. Nancy Lloyd's condition Monday morning was not immediately available.

"Investigators believe Joe Lloyd shot his wife and himself with a handgun. Turner does not expect any charges to be placed in the shooting. Nancy Lloyd was unarmed.

"The incident followed a domestic dispute, though Turner declined to discuss specifics.

"An unnamed family member was home at the time but was in another part of the house and uninvolved with the attack, the lieutenant said."

Source: newsadvance.com...

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