Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Man Finds Wife, Daughter Dead

"MESA, AZ — Police believe that a woman and girl found dead in a Mesa home Monday were part of a murder/suicide.

"Officers responded to a home on East Ingram Street Monday afternoon after a man arrived home from work and found his wife and daughter dead.

"Police have identified the 45-year-old woman as Marcia Wentzel and the 12-year-old girl as her daughter Caitlin.

"Both had reportedly been suffering from `debilitating, long-term medical conditions,` according to Mesa police.

"Inside the home, officials also found two suicide notes.

"It appears that the cause of death may have been asphyxiation or prescription drug overdose, but a medical examiner has not yet confirmed the cause.

"No suspects are in custody and police do not believe anyone else was involved.

"The investigation is ongoing."


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