Monday, April 14, 2014

Restaurant Shooting, Abduction Ends In Burned-Out Home

"LAVONIA, GA — Three people died early Sunday morning in northeast Georgia after a man killed his former wife, her boss and himself, said Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland.

"Cleveland said the shootings began shortly after midnight inside Frohmuller’s Grill on a rural stretch of Rock Springs Road near Hartwell Lake in Hart County. They ended about 15 miles away in Franklin County.

"Sammy Chumley entered the restaurant, where his ex-wife worked, and began shooting, Cleveland said. Chumley’s ex-wife protested as the shots began, Cleveland said.

"According to witness reports, the restaurant’s owner, Jason Forkin, began running when the shooting began, and was struck by a bullet, Cleveland said. Forkin was also shot in the head, Cleveland added.

"`There were multiple shots fired before the fatal shot to the head,` Cleveland said.

"Chumley fled with his ex-wife, who was held at gunpoint, before deputies arrived at the restaurant, Cleveland said. They went to a burned house in Franklin County, where Chumley had lived at one point, in a car she brought to work, Cleveland added.

"Sometime between 2:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m., Chumley killed his ex-wife and then turned the gun on himself, Cleveland said. Franklin County deputies heard shots as they arrived to search for him in the burned home, he added.

"Both Chumley and his ex-wife were from Franklin County, Cleveland said. Forkin had relatives in Texas, he added.

"Cleveland said he had not determined a motive for the shootings.

"`People who knew him (Chumley) said he was real possessive of his ex-wife,` Cleveland said.

"The former couple had two small children, Cleveland said. He said they were staying with family Sunday afternoon.

"The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is handling the case, Cleveland said. They are not looking for other suspects, he added."


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