Friday, April 18, 2014

Dead Cops Found In Home

"INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Indianapolis police officers were grieving and reeling Thursday as word spread through the force that two of their own were dead—a husband and wife who had separated, and died in a murder/suicide.

"Sgt. Ryan Anders and officer Kim Carmack were found dead about 5:40 p.m. inside a home on 2441 Inishmore Court, near West 21st Street and Country Club Road on the Far Westside. Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said the two died of gunshot wounds.

"Riggs said that someone had called police for a welfare check at that home. Once SWAT officers were at the scene but before they entered the home, police learned that a neighbor heard gunshots earlier that day, Riggs said. Police are unsure how long Anders and Carmack had been dead before they were found.

"Carmack had obtained a protective order against Anders, and he was on administrative leave because of a domestic-violence issue, Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite said at a news conference. The couple's divorce was finalized last October, court records show.

"`We had concerns about both of them,` Hite said. `They were counseled. They were given directions, and we also were made aware of his (Anders') whereabouts.`

"In addition, Anders' department-issued weapons had been taken from him, although it was not clear when that happened. Riggs said it is standard procedure to temporarily take away the firearm of an officer being investigated for domestic violence accusations.

"Anders had been offered help and his whereabouts were being monitored with technology, which Hite did not describe.

"But the scene at the home showed the determination involved: A door was forced open, Hite said.

"`That speaks volumes.`"

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