Friday, September 26, 2014

Bodies Found In Garage, Five Kids Unhurt

"MERIDIAN, ID — Meridian police say they were called out to reports of gunshots on the 1400 block of North Crestmont Drive Saturday night. They say they found 24 year old Kevin Smith and 32 year old Kimberly Smith dead in the garage.

"According to police reports, `All the evidence at the scene, the information we have points to a murder\suicide.`

"Police say that Kevin smith was the shooter. They say they do not know what Led to the shooting. Family members say, Kimberly Smith's five kids were at the house when it happened.

"`No kids hurt. They all were asleep, none of them were awakened by the gun shots,` they added.

"While the family is grieving over what happened, they told me they have to find a place where all five kids can stay together. For now, Meridian police have left them with family members, stating `We will work with health and welfare to make sure the kids are placed in appropriate homes, many times in situations like this there are many family members that step up and will take the children in.`"

From KMVT...

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