Thursday, September 4, 2014

Killer's Body Found In Cemetery

"MONTGOMERY, AL — Montgomery Police are asking for the State Bureau of Investigation's help after a man committed suicide, but not before confessing to the killing of his wife.

"According to police on Wednesday, the man called an off duty MPD officer, confessed to the murder of his wife, told the officer where they could find her body, and then proceeded to commit suicide.

"MPD located the wife's body at the Quality Inn and Suites on 5035 Carmichael Road in Montgomery. The man's body was located at a cemetery off of Highway 14 and Chapel Hill road in Wetumpka.

"MPD has requested a state-level of investigation of the homicide because of it's relation to the death investigation in a separate jurisdiction.

"It's unclear whether the couple was having problems recently. State agents will be talking to friends and family as part of their investigation."


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