Monday, January 16, 2012

Wife Calls Cops Before Shooting Herself

"METAIRIE, LA — Jefferson Parish detectives are on the scene of what they say appears to be a murder suicide in Metairie.

"Two people are dead in a home on 2301 Danny Park off of Cleary near I-10.

"One of the victims is a man, the other a woman.

"Cops say they found the gun next to the woman.

"`This has all the earmarks of a murder-suicide where she shot her husband first and then turned the gun on herself,` Col. John Fortunato said.

"Later in a news release he stated, `Around 5:05 AM, our 911 Center received a call from a female (identified as Penelope D. Springer, W/F, 61) at 2301 Danny Park in Metairie advising she shot her husband.`

"He says police first found the dead husband.

"`Upon making entry, the body of a male subject (identified as Albert E. Springer W/M, 61) was discovered in the front bathroom. He sustained a single gunshot wound to the head. Upon continuing a search of the residence our officers discovered a female in the rear bathroom. She also sustained a single gunshot wound.`"


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