Friday, October 10, 2014

Bodies Found After No One Picks Up Kids From Daycare

"HARRISON, AR — The Harrison Police Department says a husband and wife are dead after an apparent murder/suicide, Monday evening.

"According to Chief Paul Woodruff, the department was asked to check on 24-year-old Bailie Breedlove around 2:30 p.m., at her home on 1020 W. Prospect in Harrison.

"Police say the woman’s grandfather wanted her to be checked on because her three children (ages 3, 3 and 4) had not be picked up from daycare.

"Woodruff says when officers entered the home they found the bodies of Bailie Breedlove and her husband 26-year-old, Zacri Breedlove, in a back bedroom.

"Police say they believe Zacri Breedlove shot his wife multiple times in the upper torso before killing himself.

"Woodruff says family members told the police department Bailie Breedlove had planned on leaving her husband.

"The couple’s children have be placed in the care of their family members.

"Police say they had responded to domestic disputes at the home in the past on reports of yelling and screaming."


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