Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bodies Found In Florida Church

"GRETNA, FL — It's a house of worship, but Gretna's Glory Apostolic Faith Temple is also the site of an apparent murder/suicide complete with crime scene tape circling the property.

"`Little small town like this, you wouldn't expect something like this to happen because it's a close knit community,` said Gretna native Marvin Cloud.

"Cloud says he helped build the dining room building next to the church 30 years ago.

"It's apparently where the bodies were found.

"Cloud also said he helped put blocks around the pastor's trailer.

"The gate leading to that home is also currently blocked off with crime scene tape.

"Gretna Police Chief Carlos De La Cruz says the two deceased people are a man and a woman.

"But at this point, he's not saying who they are or how the suspected murder/suicide unfolded.

"`We believe that one of the victims is a suspect, so there's no reason for the community to be in fear. We feel they are safe at this point and the situation is contained,` said Chief De La Cruz.

"Chief De La Cruz says one reason he hasn't released the names of the two people is he hasn't been able to reach the man's family members who live out of state.

"He also says the woman's family members don't want her name released at this time.

"Autopsy results are pending."


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