Thursday, October 30, 2014

Two Dead In Group Home Shooting

"APOPKA, FL — Deputies said a woman shot and killed a man and then herself after storming into an independent living facility in Apopka on Wednesday.

"Neighbors said they heard a lot of screaming and yelling coming from the home known as Hoepfinger's Hideaway on Apopka Boulevard, but said they were used to the commotion. They had no idea an apparent murder-suicide had just taken place inside.

"Authorities said Eva McDermid, 43, pulled up, went into the residence and shot and killed Markeith Pope, 43, before turning the gun on herself.

"`Scary, but doesn't surprise me,` said neighbor Samantha Dowd.

"Several men and women struggling with mental illnesses live in the multi-unit home.

"`It's something to help them, because they are, you know, on medication and so forth,` said one worker.

"The woman who found the bodies said she was devastated.

“`I proceeded to see him on the couch with a bullet wound to the head. It was like a really bad scene out of 'CSI',` said Kim Snelling.

"The nature of McDermid's and Pope’s relationship is unclear.

"Emergency personnel said they know the house well, saying ambulances and police are constantly called.

"[Sources reveal] deputies were called to the home nearly 40 times this year for issues ranging from battery to mental distress.

"`One of them came over here one time and said her roommate beat her up,` said Dowd.

"Authorities still are trying to determine a motive in Wednesday's killing."


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  1. Mcdermid was a convicted felon, for attempted murder, with a 30 year sentance. She was out on early release. Also arrested in May for burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, and out on bond. Why was she on the streets???