Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bodies Found After SWAT Standoff

"JASPER, AL — Two people are dead in the McCollum community following what officials from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office believe was a murder/suicide.

"Interim Sheriff James Painter said the department received a phone call that there was an issue at a residence on Rufus Tubbs Road, just outside Jasper. The report said shots had been fired and reported that the male resident was holding his wife hostage at gunpoint and threatening to kill her and himself.

"Painter said his office attempted to contact the man to begin negotiations, but were unable to make contact. He said they later learned the phones inside the home had been shot.

"At approximately 11 p.m. Sunday, Painter said the county’s SWAT team assembled at the residence.

"`We devised a plan to surround the house and find out what was going on,` Painter said.

"When the SWAT team was unable to detect any movement or make any contact, they entered the residence and found the bodies of the husband and wife.

"Painter said the department will continue to investigate the incident, but it does appear to be a murder/suicide."


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