Friday, October 10, 2014

SWAT Team Finds Newlyweds Shot To Death

"TERRE HAUTE, IN — A newlywed in Indiana allegedly shot by her husband following an argument just hours after the wedding called 911 for help just before the shooting but gave dispatchers the wrong address, officials said.

"Kelly Ecker Samson told a 911 dispatcher her husband of just hours, Dr. George `Scott` Samson, was threatening to kill her, and gave the address of their Terra Haute home as 4205 North Creal Street, although the address was actually 4025.

"She then followed up with three more calls, again giving the incorrect address. The last call ended with screams and what sounded like gunshots, dispatchers said.

"Dispatchers attempting to locate the house could find no 4025 N. Creal St. on the map scheme used with the 911 system, and Kelly Samson's smartphone did not have `smart 911` activated on her cell phone, making it impossible to track it.

"When police deputies finally arrived at the right house, they found Kelly Samson dead in a bedroom from multiple gunshots.

"Dr. Samson's father and Kelly Samson's son from a previous marriage were at the house and told police the doctor had `gathered multiple rounds of ammunition, and fled into the basement.`

"Police evacuated the father and son along with Kelly Samson's mother-in-law from the house.

"Police then called in SWAT team who looked into the basement using a remote camera, seeing an unresponsive Dr. Samson who apparently had died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head."

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