Monday, October 27, 2014

Murder/Arson Suspect Found Dead In Parked Car

"GREENSBERG, LA — A man, who authorities say was a murder suspect in his wife's death and responsible for arson of their home in Greensburg, was found dead in a rural area of East Feliciana Parish Friday afternoon.

"The Louisiana State Fire Marshall reported that Adren Allen, 48, had been identified as a suspect in the murder of his wife 39-year-old Marsha Allen. Adren Allen had eluded investigators for weeks, the Fire Marshall said.

"When investigators began focusing on Allen, he disappeared from the area.

"Authorities, however, learned more Friday as they received information that Adren Allen was hiding in a camp in a rural area along the Amite River in the Felixville community.

"Adren Allen's body was found in a parked vehicle that was registered to his wife. Investigators believe Allen committed suicide.

"On Oct. 11, investigators considered Adren Allen a suspect in the arson of his home on Hwy 1043 in Greensburg. His wife's body was within the `charred` remains of the home. An autopsy showed that she had died hours before the fire.

"Allen told investigators he left the home to buy livestock feed at a local store just before the fire had started. Investigators, however, were able to place Adren Allen at the home when the fire was in its early stage."


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