Saturday, January 29, 2011

Former Lovers Found Dead At Motel 6

"STANTON, CA — Two people were found dead – one from a gunshot wound – at a motel Friday afternoon from what appears to have been a murder-suicide, Orange County Sheriff's Department officials reported.

"The two—a man and a woman, both in their 30s—were former lovers, according to officials.

"`They had been involved for quite a while,` sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino said, `until she broke it off recently. It was a strained relationship.`

"Investigators found the woman's body in the back seat of a 2007 GMC Yukon in the motel's rear parking lot. They found the man nearby in one of the motel's rooms, with a handgun nearby, Amormino said.

"Authorities did not release their names or their cities of residence because the woman's family had not been notified of her death.

"The manager at the Motel 6 on Katella and Western avenues called the Sheriff's Department about 2 p.m. Friday to report a man acting suspiciously near a black sport utility vehicle, Amormino said.

"When deputies arrived, they found the woman dead inside the Yukon, which belonged to the man.

"The woman's body showed no signs of trauma, Amormino said.

"`Usually in a murder case, you will see signs of trauma,` Amormino said.

"The man appears to have died from a gunshot wound, and a handgun was found in the room with him, Amormino said. One of the room's windows was broken, possibly from a bullet.

"The Orange County coroner's office has scheduled autopsies Monday for both the man and the woman.

"Motel records showed the man checked in earlier than when management called the
Sheriff's Department. He had no luggage.

"Drugs or alcohol did not appear to be factors in the deaths, Amormino said."

Source: Orange County Register...

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